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Pre Wash Compartment; Fabric Softener Compartment - Samsung DC68-02657F User Manual

Samsung washer user manual
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Pre Wash compartment

When using the Pre Wash option, detergent should be added to both the Pre Wash
compartment and the detergent compartment. The detergent will automatically be dispensed
during Pre Wash.
If high efficiency (HE) detergent is used, add 1/3 of the recommended amount to the Pre
Wash compartment and 2/3 of the recommended amount to the detergent compartment.
Bleach compartment
(Liquid chlorine bleach only)
1. Add chlorine bleach to the bleach compartment.
DO NOT exceed the MAX FILL line.
2. Avoid splashing or over–filling the compartment.
3. Your washer automatically dispenses bleach into the tub at
the appropriate time.
4. The dispenser automatically dilutes liquid chlorine bleach
before it reaches the wash load.

Fabric softener compartment

1. Pour the recommended amount of liquid fabric softener into the softener compartment.
For smaller loads, use less than one capful.
2. Fabric softener should be diluted with water until it reaches MAX FILL in the compartment.
3. The dispenser automatically releases liquid fabric softener at the proper time during the rinse
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Never pour undiluted liquid chlorine bleach directly onto
the load or into the tub. It is a powerful chemical and
can cause fabric damage, such as weakening of the
fibers or color loss, if not used properly.
If you prefer to use color–safe, non–chlorine bleach,
add it to the appropriate detergent compartment.
DO NOT pour color–safe bleach into the Bleach
Use the softener compartment ONLY for liquid fabric softeners.
DO NOT use a Downy Ball* in the Fabric softener compartment of this washer. It will not
add fabric softener at the appropriate time.
Use the detergent compartment.
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Fabric Softener
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Table of Contents

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