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Detergent Use; Features - Samsung DC68-02657F User Manual

Samsung washer user manual
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washing a load of laundry


Your washer is designed to use high efficiency (HE) detergents.
For best cleaning results, use a high efficiency detergents such as Tide
HE, Wisk HE, Cheer HE or Gain HE*. High efficiency detergents contain
suds suppressors that reduce or eliminate suds. When fewer suds are
produced, the load tumbles more efficiently and cleaning is maximized.
Regular detergent is not recommended. Please use HE detergents
Reducing the amount of detergent may reduce the cleaning quality. It
is important to pre–treat stains, sort carefully by color and soil level, and avoid overloading.
Brand names are trademarks of their respective manufacturers.


Automatic dispenser
Your Washer has separate compartments for dispensing
detergent and color-safe bleach, chlorine bleach, and fabric
softener. All laundry additives are added to their respective
compartments before starting your Washer.
The automatic dispenser MUST ALWAYS be in place before
starting your Washer.
DO NOT open the automatic dispenser when your washer is
To use:
1. Never exceed the manufacturer's recommendations when
adding detergent.
2. This compartment holds liquid detergent for the main wash
cycle, which is added to the load at beginning of cycle.
When using powdered detergent, remove the detergent
liquid from the compartment. Powdered detergent will not
dispense with detergent liquid.
Detergent compartment
1. Pour the recommended amount of laundry detergent directly into the detergent compartment
before starting your washer.
2. If color-safe bleach is to be used, it should be added with detergent to the detergent
When adding color-safe bleach with detergent, it is best if both laundry products are in the
same form – granular or liquid.
22_ washing a load of laundry
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Detergent Liquid
Pre wash
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Table of Contents

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