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Washing A Load Of Laundry; Loading Your Washer; Getting Started - Samsung DC68-02657F User Manual

Samsung washer user manual
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washing a load of laundry


You can fill the tub with dry, unfolded clothes; but DO NOT OVERLOAD the tub.
Overloading may reduce washing efficiency, cause excess wear, and possibly cause creasing or
wrinkling of the load.
Wash delicate items such as bras, hosiery, and other lingerie in the delicates cycle with similar
lightweight items.
When washing big bulky items or a few smaller items that don't fill the tub completely – a rug, a pillow,
stuffed toys, or one or two sweaters, for example – add a few towels to improve tumbling and spin
During the spin cycle, the washer may add additional water to redistribute the excessive imbalance
inside the tub.
When washing heavily soiled loads, do not overload your washer in order to assure good cleaning results.
To add a forgotten item:
1. Press the Power button.
2. Press the Start/Pause button.
3. Wait for the door lock light to go out (Immediately).
4. Add the item, close the door, and press the Start/Pause button.
The door safety state continues for 15 seconds and the cycle is restarted.
To ensure thorough cleaning, add items within five minutes of starting the wash cycle.


1. Load your washer.
2. Close the door.
Push the laundry into the tub completely to prevent the laundry from being caught in the door or from
falling out of the tub.
3. Press the Power button.
4. Add detergent and additives to the dispenser (See page 22~24).
5. Select the appropriate cycle and options for the load (See page 18~19).
6. Press the Start/Pause button.
7. The Wash Indicator will illuminate.
8. The estimated cycle time will appear in the display.
The time may fluctuate to better indicate the time remaining in the cycle.
The actual time required for a cycle may differ from the estimated time in the display depending on the
water pressure, water temperature, detergent, and laundry.
9. Before your washer starts to fill, it will make a series of clicking noises to check the door lock and do a
quick drain.
• When the cycle is complete, the door lock light will go out and "End" will appear in the display.
• DO NOT attempt to open the door until the door lock light is off. To add a forgotten item, see
"Loading your washer" section (See page 17).
• When your washer is restarted after a pause, expect a delay of up to 15 seconds before the cycle
• Pressing Power button cancels the cycle and stops your washer.
• The Wash, Rinse and Spin indicators will illuminate during those portions of the cycle.
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Table of Contents

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