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Nokia CARK-91US Installation Manual page 9

Complete car kit. for use with nokia 5100 and 6100 series wireless phones
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cradle (the system cable's green wire). This allows the
phone to operate with the antenna without having to turn
on the car's ignition. The voltage in this output is +12 V
whenever the phone is on. If the phone is turned off, the
voltage disappears. The maximum output current is 200 mA,
therefore for example the motorized antenna must be
controlled via a relay, see picture on next page.
Note: Please consult the dealer or car manufacturer about
antenna options available for your automobile. A dual mode
antenna is recommended when using a Nokia 6160
wireless phone.
All installations should take into account any special
requirements of the customer. However, should the cus-
tomer require an installation that is illegal or unsafe these
facts must be pointed out to the customer and a policy of
non-compliance adopted.
Once installed, the equipment should be tested to ensure
that it is operating satisfactorily and that the position of the
unit does not impair on the driver's ability to control and
operate the vehicle in any way.
Use the phone to make a call when the vehicle is parked
with the engine running. During the call, switch off the
engine. Ensure that the phone is operational with the engine
running and with the engine switched off. For operating
information refer to the phone's owner's manual.



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