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Summary of Contents for Nokia CARK–91

  • Page 1 PAMS Technical Documentation CARK–91 Installation Guide Original 11/97...
  • Page 2 The information given is for general guidance only. The terms of warranty demand that this car kit be installed by an experi- enced installer and only genuine Nokia parts are used. An end user should never attempt to install this car kit without professional assistance as the installation requires special tools and knowledge.
  • Page 3 PAMS CARK–91 Technical Documentation Unpacking Carefully unpack the equipment and ensure that the following items are present. Advanced Active Car Holder MCC–1 Advanced HF Unit HFU–2 Power Cable PCH–4J Mounting Plate MKU–1 Swivel Mount HHS–9 HF Microphone HFM–8 HF Speaker HFS–12 HHS–9 MKU–1...
  • Page 4 The holder is attached to the vehicle’s interior using the swivel mount HHS–9. The mounting must be secured with a screw (included with HHS–9). The screw recess can then be covered with the NOKIA logo plate. Advanced HF Unit HFU–2 The handsfree unit enables the phone to operate in handsfree mode.
  • Page 5 PAMS CARK–91 Technical Documentation Power Cable PCH–4J The power cable connects the standard handsfree unit HFU–2 to the ve- hicle’s power supply. The red wire must be connected to the + voltage on the vehicle’s power supply via the supplied fused connector. The black wire must be attached to a good negative GND connection.
  • Page 6 PAMS CARK–91 Technical Documentation Installation There are some important aspects that require special attention in posi- tioning car kit accessories. The positioning of the phone holder is the most important factor when try- ing to achieve the most comfortable position for the user. The location of the holder should be selected so that the visibility of the phone’s display is good under all lighting conditions, but not so that the driver’s attention is easily distracted.
  • Page 7 PAMS CARK–91 Technical Documentation Ignition Sense IGNS The ignition sense feature prevents your car kit from draining the car bat- tery by executing an auto power off in 20 seconds after the ignition key has been turned off. The blue wire of the power cable is used for the igni- tion sense feature.
  • Page 8 PAMS CARK–91 Technical Documentation Antenna Motor Control AMC The antenna motor control offers a feature, green wire of the system cable (AMC), that may be used to control different devices on and off. The voltage in this output is +12 V whenever the phone is on. If the phone is turned off, the voltage disappeares.
  • Page 9 PAMS CARK–91 Technical Documentation [This page intentionally left blank] Page 9 Original 11/97...

Table of Contents