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Nokia CARK-91US Installation Manual page 5

Complete car kit. for use with nokia 5100 and 6100 series wireless phones
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Power Cable PCH-4J
The power cable connects the Junction Box HFU-2, to the
vehicle's power supply. The red wire must be connected to
the + voltage on the vehicle's power supply via the supplied
fused connector. The black wire must be attached to a
good negative GND connection.
The blue ignition sense (IGNS) wire is connected to +12 V
voltage controlled by the vehicle's ignition key via the sup-
plied fused connector. (See section "Ignition Sense".)
The yellow wire is used for car radio muting (XCRM). The
line goes down to 0 volts during a call. (See section "Car
Radio Muting").
The green wire is used for motor antenna (AMC). The vol-
tage in this output is +12 V whenever the phone is on.
(See section "Antenna Motor Control").
HSU-1 External Audio Handset (included
with CARK91H, optional for CARK-91US)
The External Audio Handset is a
simple handset with no display or
keypad. It provides privacy for
conversation and comfort in a
vehicle's noisy environment.
However, do not use the handset
while in motion, as both hands
are needed for safe driving. The
External Audio Handset (HSU-1)
is not included in the Complete
Car Kit, (CARK-91US).
Handset Operation
To make a call with External Audio Handset (HSU-1)
1) Key in the desired number on the keypad of your phone.
2) Press
(6100) or
To receive a call with External Audio Handset
Lift the handset or press any key except for the power
or the volume keys.
+&DOO, (5100) and lift the



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