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Component Parts - Nokia CARK-91US Installation Manual

Complete car kit. for use with nokia 5100 and 6100 series wireless phones
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Component Parts

Advanced Cradle MCC-1
The Advanced Cradle firmly holds the phone in a conve-
nient place. The Advanced Cradle is attached to the
vehicle's interior using the swivel mount HHS-9.
RF Adapter AAC-1
The RF Adapter converts the FME connector of the
MCC-1, Advanced Cradle, into a mini-U connector that
attaches to an external antenna.
Junction Box HFU-2
The Junction Box enables the phone to operate in hands-
free mode. The unit is attached to the vehicle interior using
the Mounting Plate MKU-1, or the Swivel Mount HHS-9.
A temporary installation can be achieved using cable ties.
Power is supplied from the vehicle's battery via the Power
Cable PCH-4J. The Junction Box provides the power
supply to the phone via the system connector.
The HF Microphone HFM-8, connects to the MIC socket
and the External HF Speaker HFS-12, connects to the
Mounting Plate MKU-1 and Swivel Mount
MKU-1 is a fixed position mounting plate. The HHS-9 is a
Swivel Mount which allows for adjustable fixing. Both
mounting plates are interchangeable.
HF Microphone HFM-8
The HF Microphone connects directly to the socket of the
Junction Box HFU-2, marked MIC.
HF Speaker HFS-12
The HF Speaker connects directly to the handsfree unit
socket. Insert the plug into the
to lock firmly in place.
socket and twist 90°



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