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Nokia CARK-91US Installation Manual page 7

Complete car kit. for use with nokia 5100 and 6100 series wireless phones
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controlling or operating the vehicle in any way or obstruct
the driver's view of traffic.
The Junction Box HFU-2 can be installed in a hidden loca-tion
since there is no need to disconnect cables during
normal operation. Ensure that the microphone is as close
to the driver's mouth as possible, and attached to a surface
that is mechanically quiet. The microphone should be
mounted at least 3 ft/1 m away from the handsfree unit
speaker to avoid acoustic feedback.
Ensure that cables are routed as far away as possible from
the vehicle's electronic systems (refer to WARNINGS)*.
Also, ensure that cables are not subjected to undue
mechanical stress e.g. under seats or against sharp edges.
The external antenna unit should always be connected to
the antenna via a non-radiating cable (e.g. coax).
* To prevent disturbance, cables should be routed as far
away from the interference source as possible
Caution: In order to comply with FCC RF exposure requirements
for mobile transmitting devices, install the antenna so that a
minimum distance of 20 cm can be maintained between the
antenna and all persons, with antenna gain not exceeding 3 dBi
Ignition Sense IGNS
The ignition sense feature prevents the transceiver from
draining the car battery by executing an auto power off in
20 seconds after the ignition key has been turned off. The
blue wire of the power cable is used for the ignition sense
feature. The use of ignition sense is recommended to pre-vent
accidental draining of the car's battery. The wire is
connected via a 1 A fuse to a 12/24 volt potential that is
controlled by the ignition key. Do not connect it directly to
the high voltage sections of the ignition circuit.



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