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Nokia CARK-91US Installation Manual page 8

Complete car kit. for use with nokia 5100 and 6100 series wireless phones
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Car Radio Muting XCRM
The car kit offers a feature that can mute the car radio
automatically during a conversation. This feature is con-
venient and provides for safer handsfree operation. When
in standby, the yellow wire (XCRM) is not grounded and the
car radio works normally, but during a call, the line is
grounded and the car radio is muted. Note that an auxiliary
relay or muting unit must be used when the car radio
doesn't have a mute feature available.
When a relay is used, it is connected in series with the car
radio main supply. A 200 mA fuse should be used to
protect the XCRM output in event of a short circuit. Some
radios have separate supplies for amplifiers and motors,
and another for memory backup purposes. Very often
these radios also have a secret code system, which acti-
vates itself if a break in the memory supply is detected.
Be careful when installing the relay not to break the mem-
ory supply (usually marked ACC or +MEM), but to install the
relay in the main supply feed.
Another possibility is to use a special muting unit, which
mutes the radio by connecting load resistors (not included)
to the speaker lines of the car radio.
Note: The Car Radio Mute option might not interface with
certain OEM and Aftermarket car stereos due to differing
Antenna Motor Control AMC
The Antenna Motor Control offers the option to retract a
power AM/FM cellular antenna when the phone is in the



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