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Replacement Of Major Parts; Before Starting Disassembling (phase Matching Between Mechanical Parts); How To Set The Mechanism Assembling Mode; Cassette Holder Assembly - JVC HR-J271MS Service Manual

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2.2.1 Before Starting Disassembling (Phase matching
between mechanical parts)
The mechanism of this unit is closely linked with the rotary
encoder and system controller circuits.
Since the system controller detects the status of mechani-
cal operation in response to phases of the rotary encoder
(internal switch positions), the mechanism may not operate
properly unless such parts as the rotary encoder, control
plate, loading arm gear, control cam, cassette gear, limit gear,
relay gear and drive gear are installed in their correct posi-
Especially, this model is not provided with any cassette hous-
ing assembly, so that cassette loading and unloading must
be accomplished by operation of the cassette holder assem-
bly. The latter is in turn driven by such parts as the drive
gear, relay gear and limit gear. Exercise enough care, there-
fore, to have the phases of all this gear matching one an-
other. (For information on phase matching of the mechanism,
see the instructions on how to install individual parts.)
This unit is provided with a mechanism assembly mode. It is
therefore necessary to enter this mode for assembling and
disassembling procedures.
This mode is usually not in use, manually set it when it is

2.2.2 How to Set the Mechanism Assembling Mode

Remove the mechanism assembly and place it bottom side
up. (See SECTION 1 DISASSEMBLY.) Turn the worm gear
toward the front so that the guide hole of the control cam is
brought into alignment with the hole at the mechanism as-
sembly chassis. This position renders the mechanism assem-
bling mode operational. Make sure that the control plate is
located in alignment with the mark E. (See Fig.2-2-2a.)
Chassis hole
Worm gear
Guide hole
Control cam
Mark E
Control plate
Fig. 2-2-2a
Digitized in Heiloo Netherlands

2.2.3 Cassette Holder Assembly

1. How to remove
(1) Remove the guide rail and roller cam assembly. (See
(3 lugs on the guide rail and one lug on the roller cam
Fig. 2-2-3a
(2) Remove the two slit washers and remove the cassette
housing bracket. (See Fig.2-2-3b.)
(3) Remove the opener guide, spring(A), door opener, relay
gear and limit gear. (See Fig.2-2-3b.)
Relay gear
Door opener
Fig. 2-2-3b
(4) While swinging the lock levers (R) and (L) of the cassette
holder assembly toward the front, slide the cassette
holder assembly until its legs come to where the guide
rail and the roller cam assembly have been removed (so
that the drive arm is upright). (See Fig.2-2-3c.)
Cassette holder assembly
Fig. 2-2-3c
Guide rail
Roller cam
Limit gear
Opener guide
Slit washers
Cassette housing bracket
Drive arm
Lock lever (L)


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