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JVC HR-J278EU Instructions Manual

Jvc video cassette recorder instructions.
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Safety Precautions .................................2
Basic Connections ................................7
Auto Set Up ..........................................8
Language ............................................11
Basic Playback ....................................12
Playback Features ...............................13
Basic Recording ..................................16
Recording Features .............................17
B.E.S.T. Picture System .......................19
Express Timer Programming ................20
Edit From A Camcorder ......................24
Recorder .............................................25
Mode Set ............................................26
Clock Set ............................................29
Tuner Set ............................................30
Video Channel Set ..............................34
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER ENGLISH CONTENTS SAFETY FIRST Safety Precautions ...2 INDEX INSTALLING YOUR NEW RECORDER Basic Connections ...7 INITIAL SETTINGS Auto Set Up ...8 Language ...11 PLAYBACK Basic Playback ...12 Playback Features ...13 RECORDING Basic Recording ...16 Recording Features ...17 B.E.S.T.
  • Page 2: Safety First

    Safety Precautions The rating plate and the safety caution are on the rear of the unit. WARNING: DANGEROUS VOLTAGE INSIDE WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS UNIT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. CAUTION When you are not using the recorder for a long period of time, it is recommended that you disconnect the power cord from the mains outlet.
  • Page 3 For Italy: “It is declared that this product, brand JVC, conforms to the Ministry Decree n. 548 of 28 Aug.’95 published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic n. 301 of 28 Dec.’95” The STANDBY/ON button does not completely shut off mains power from the unit, but switches operating current on and off.
  • Page 4: Index

    FRONT VIEW STANDBY/ON Button Cassette Loading Slot Record Button pg. 16 Pause [PR] Button pg. 13, 16 Rewind [PR–] Button REAR VIEW Mains Power Cord pg. 7 ANT. IN Connector pg. 7 pg. 8 Fast Forward Play Stop/Eject Infrared Beam Receiving Window pg.
  • Page 5: Front Display Panel

    FRONT DISPLAY PANEL ON-SCREEN DISPLAY When “O.S.D.” is set to “ON” ( operational indicators appear on the TV screen. Operation mode indicators Index MARK Indicator pg. 16 Counter display pg. 18 Tape remaining time indicator “Timer” Indicator Play Indicator Record Indicator Channel/Clock Display To switch display, press –...
  • Page 6 REMOTE CONTROL Buttons with a small dot on the left side of the name can also be used to operate your JVC TV while holding down the TV button. ( “Operating JVC TVs” in the right column ) This remote control transmits A code signals only; it is not applicable to B code signals.
  • Page 7: Installing Your New Recorder

    INSTALLING YOUR NEW RECORDER Basic Connections Aerial connector Back of TV 21-pin SCART connector 21-pin SCART RF cable cable (provided) (not provided) Mains power cord Back of recorder Mains outlet Make AV connection if your TV has a 21-pin AV input connector (SCART) in order to reduce the possibility of interference.
  • Page 8: Initial Settings

    Auto Set Up After the button on the recorder or remote control is pressed for the first time to power on the recorder, by simply selecting your country*, the Auto Set Up function sets the tuner channels automatically. * If you live in Belgium (BELGIUM) or Switzerland (SUISSE), you also need to select your language.
  • Page 9 Select the language. Press OK. The Language Set display appears on the TV screen. Press to move the highlight bar (pointer) to the language of your choice. (Example) DEUTSCH is selected. Set the date and time. Press OK. The Clock Set screen appears.
  • Page 10 IMPORTANT Your video recorder memorizes all detected stations even if reception of some of them is poor. You can delete those stations with an unacceptable picture ( pg. 32, “Delete A Channel”). INFORMATION Language for the on-screen display Auto Set Up also selects the language automatically for the on-screen display depending on the Country setting you have made in step 2 on page 8 (unless you have selected BELGIUM or SUISSE), as shown below.
  • Page 11: Language

    Language Turn on the TV and select the video channel (or AV mode). This recorder offers you the choice to view on-screen messages in 13 different languages. Though Auto Set Up selects the language automatically ( change the language setting manually as required. Access the Main Menu screen.
  • Page 12: Playback

    Basic Playback Turn on the TV and select the video channel (or AV mode). Load a cassette. Make sure the window side is up, the rear label side is facing you and the arrow on the front of the cassette is pointed toward the recorder.
  • Page 13: Playback Features

    Playback Features ATTENTION In the high-speed search, still, slow motion or frame by frame playback mode, the picture will be distorted, and there will be a loss of colour. Still Picture/Frame-By-Frame Playback Pause during playback. Press If there is vertical jitter, use the PR buttons on the remote control to correct the picture.
  • Page 14: Manual Tracking

    PLAYBACK (cont.) Manual Tracking Your video recorder is equipped with automatic tracking control. During playback, you can override this and adjust the tracking manually by pressing the PR buttons. Override automatic tracking. Press on the remote control. Adjust the tracking manually. Press PR + or –.
  • Page 15: Index Search

    Index Search Your recorder automatically marks index codes at the beginning of each recording. This function gives you quick access to any one of 9 index codes in either direction. NOTE: Before starting, make sure the recorder is in the Stop mode. Activate Index Search.
  • Page 16: Recording

    Basic Recording Turn on the TV and select the video channel (or AV mode). Load a cassette. Insert a cassette with the record safety tab intact. The recorder’s power comes on automatically and the counter is reset to 0:00:00. Choose a programme. On the remote control Press PR+/–...
  • Page 17: Recording Features

    Recording Features Instant Timer Recording (ITR) This easy method lets you record for from 30 minutes to 6 hours (selectable in 30-min. increments), and shuts the recorder off after recording is finished. Start recording. Press on the recorder. Engage the ITR mode. Press again.
  • Page 18: Elapsed Recording Time Indication

    RECORDING (cont.) Elapsed Recording Time Indication Display the counter. Press – –:– – so that a counter reading appears on the TV screen. Reset the counter. Press 0000 before starting recording or playback. The counter is reset to “0:00:00” and shows the exact elapsed time as the tape runs.
  • Page 19: Picture System

    B.E.S.T. Picture System The B.E.S.T. (Biconditional Equalised Signal Tracking) system checks the condition of the tape in use during playback and recording, and compensates to provide the highest-possible playback and recording pictures. You can set “B.E.S.T.” to “ON” or “OFF” to your preference pg.
  • Page 20: Timer Recording

    Express Timer Programming Before performing Express Timer Programming: Make sure that the recorder’s built-in clock is set properly. Insert a cassette with the safety tab in place. The recorder will come on automatically. Turn on the TV and select the video channel (or AV mode). TIMER RECORDING Access the Programme screen.
  • Page 21 Enter the channel position. Press PR +/–. Return to the normal screen. After confirming all information is correct, press PROG or OK. “PROGRAM COMPLETED” appears on the TV screen for about 5 seconds, then the normal screen appears. If “PROGRAM OVERLAPPED” appears on the TV screen, see page 23.
  • Page 22: Check, Cancel And Change Programmes

    Check, cancel and change programmes Disengage the timer mode. Press (TIMER), then press Access the Programme Check screen. " Press TIMER RECORDING (cont.) Access the Programme screen. " Press again to check more information. Each time " you press , the next programme’s information appears.
  • Page 23: When Programmes Overlap Each Other

    When programmes overlap each other If “PROGRAM OVERLAPPED” appears, you have another programme overlapping the programme you have just made. The Programme Check screen appears and conflicting programmes will start blinking. Example: Programme 1 (you have just made) and Programme 4 overlap each other. Confirm the overlapping programmes.
  • Page 24: Editing

    Edit From A Camcorder Cable adapter (not provided) AUDIO OUT Camcorder VIDEO OUT Player You can use a camcorder as the source player and your recorder as the recorder. Make connections. Connect the camcorder’s AUDIO/VIDEO OUT connectors to the recorder’s L-1 IN/OUT connector via a cable adapter.
  • Page 25: Edit To Or From Another Video Recorder

    Edit To Or From Another Video Recorder Player TV receiver 21-pin SCART cable (not provided) Video RF cable channel or (provided) AV mode Another recorder Recorder Recorder Your recorder RF cable 21-pin SCART cable (provided) (not provided) Another recorder Player You can use your recorder as the source player or as the recording deck.
  • Page 26: Subsidiary Settings

    Mode Set Turn on the TV and select the video channel (or AV mode). SUBSIDIARY SETTINGS You can change various mode settings on the Mode Set screen by following the procedure described below. For each mode setting, see pages 27 to 28. Access the Main Menu screen.
  • Page 27 B.E.S.T. PICTURE CONTROL AUTO: Provides the optimised picture benefits of the B.E.S.T. Picture System. Minimizes picture degradation EDIT: during editing (recording and playback). SOFT: Reduces image coarseness when viewing overplayed tapes containing a lot of noise. SHARP: Clearer, sharper-edged picture when viewing images with lots of flat, same-coloured surfaces such as cartoons.
  • Page 28 POWER SAVE COLOUR SYSTEM PAL/NTSC: To record PAL signals, or play back a PAL or NTSC tape. MESECAM: To record SECAM signals, or play back a MESECAM tape. SUBSIDIARY SETTINGS (cont.) * The default setting is bold in the table below. When this function is set to “ON”, you can reduce the power consumption while the recorder is turned off.
  • Page 29: Clock Set

    Clock Set Turn on the TV and select the video channel (or AV mode). IMPORTANT Perform the following steps only if — —the recorder’s memory backup has expired. —you want to adjust the time lag of the recorder’s built-in clock. Turn on the recorder.
  • Page 30: Tuner Set

    Tuner Set Turn on the TV and select the video channel (or AV mode). SUBSIDIARY SETTINGS (cont.) IMPORTANT Perform the following steps only if — — Auto Channel Set has not been set correctly by Auto Set Up. ( pg. 8) —...
  • Page 31 IMPORTANT Your video recorder memorizes all detected stations even if reception of some of them is poor. You can delete those stations with an unacceptable picture ( Channel”). NOTES: Fine tuning is performed automatically during Auto Channel Set. If you want to perform it manually, refer to page 33. If you perform Auto Channel Set when the aerial cable is not connected properly, “SCAN COMPLETED -NO SIGNAL-”...
  • Page 32: Manual Channel Set

    Manual Channel Set You can delete channels, swap channel positions and fine-tune channels already stored. “Delete A Channel” below “Swap Channel Positions” on page 33 “Fine-Tuning Channels Already Stored” on page 33 NOTE: Perform Auto Channel Set if you have moved to a different area or if a new station starts broadcasting in your area.
  • Page 33: Swap Channel Positions

    Swap Channel Positions Example: To swap PR 03 and PR 09. Access the Main Menu screen. Press MENU. Access the Confirmation screen. Press to move the highlight bar (pointer) to “MANUAL CH SET”, then press OK or Confirmation screen appears. Select the position.
  • Page 34: Video Channel Set

    If you cannot obtain the two vertical white bars clearly with any channel between 28 and 60, consult your JVC dealer. Exit the Video Channel Set mode. Press OK on the remote control.
  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    . . . perform “Video Channel Set” pg. 34) If you are using the AV connection, set the TV to its AV mode. Try manual tracking. ( pg. 14) Use a dry cleaning cassette TCL-2UX or consult your JVC dealer.
  • Page 36 RECORDING SYMPTOM 1. Recording cannot be started. 2. TV broadcasts cannot be recorded. 3. Tape-to-tape editing is not possible. 4. Camcorder recording is not possible. TIMER RECORDING SYMPTOM 1. Timer recording won’t work. 2. Timer programming is not possible. 3. “ ”...
  • Page 37: Other Problems

    OTHER PROBLEMS SYMPTOM 1. Whistling or howling is heard from the TV during camcorder recording. 2. The channel cannot be changed. 3. Channel settings that were made manually seem to have changed or disappeared. 4. No channels are stored in the recorder’s memory.
  • Page 38: Questions And Answers

    PLAYBACK Q. What happens if the end of the tape is reached during playback or search? A. The tape is automatically rewound to the beginning. Q. During search, slow, still and frame-by-frame playback, I can’t hear any audio. What’s the problem? A.
  • Page 39: List Of Terms

    LIST OF TERMS Auto Channel Set ... 30 Auto Set Up... 8 AUTO TIMER ... 27 B.E.S.T. Picture System ... 19, 27 Check, cancel and change programmes ... 22 Clock Set... 29 COLOUR SYSTEM ... 28 Delete A Channel... 32 EDITING ...
  • Page 40: Specifications

    GENERAL Power requirement : AC 220 V – 240 Vd, 50 Hz/60 Hz Power consumption Power on : 14 W Power off : 4.0 W Temperature Operating : 5°C to 40°C Storage : –20°C to 60°C Operating position : Horizontal only Dimensions (WxHxD) : 360 mm x 94 mm x 258 mm Weight...

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