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Site Candidate Evaluation Form - Cisco BWX 8415 Installation And Commissioning Manual

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3.4 BWX 8415 Basestation Components
Table 3-1
Title of Document or Form

Site Candidate Evaluation Form

RF Center Frequency & Interference
Analysis Guidelines
Channel Filter Installation Procedure
3.4 BWX 8415 Basestation Components
A Cisco BWX Mobile WiMAX system provides wireless broadband access to a core network, typically to the
Internet or to any local or wide area network (LAN/WAN). When a service provider has established BS's in
a given coverage area, the subscriber connects a BWX 350 USB Modem or other WiMAX-certified device to
their computer to access the network without the need for a professional installer.
This is what Cisco refers to when it says its system is "zero-install
installation schedule for the consumer. In fact, some service providers have their subscribers pick up
their modems at retail stores, or, in some cases, simply mail the modems to the subscribers. The
subscriber modem is generally referred to as Subscriber Station (SS). The SS can be a BWX 350 USB
Modem, which inserts into the USB slot of a laptop computer, or another WiMAX-certified device.
In Release 10.0 Cisco offers three subscriber stations (SS): the BWX 320 IDU modem, the BWX 350
USB modem, and the BWX 360 Outdoor modem. The BWX 320 IDU modem connects to PCs, utilizing
the ethernet connection of the PC and covers a 5 MHz frequency range, the BWX 350 USB modem plugs
into laptops, utilizing the USB port of the PC and covers a 5 MHz frequency range, and the BWX 360
Outdoor modem connects to PCs, utilizing the ethernet connection of the PC and covers a 5 or 10 MHz
frequency range.
The entire BWX Mobile WiMAX system (Figure 3-1) has six main components: one or more
basestations, Subscriber Stations (SSs, also referred to as modems), the Element Management System
(EMS), the Broadband Wireless Gateway (BWG), the Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
(AAA) server, and the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol/Domain Name Server (DHCP/DNS)
server. The BS portion of the system consists of the Radio Unit (RU) and the Antenna Unit (AU).
BWX 8415 Basestation Installation and Commissioning Guide
Cisco WiMAX Documentation
Where to Find It
LiveLink Site:
BWBU_Documentation>TIER 1
Installation & Commissioning
Docs>10.0 Tier 1 Installation &
Commissioning Docs
Copy of front sheet shown in
Appendix C, "Site Candidate
Evaluation Form"
Appendix D, "RF Center
Frequency and Interference
Analysis Guidelines"
Appendix E, "BWX 8415 Channel
Filter Installation Procedure"
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