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D8004 Transformer Enclosure; Configuration And Programming; Factory Default Ip Address; Figure 7: D8004 Installation - Bosch Conettix D6680 Installation Instructions Manual

Ethernet network adapter
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Conettix D6680 | Installation Instructions | 3.0 Configuration and Programming

D8004 Transformer Enclosure

The D8004 Transformer Enclosure protects the AC
plug-in transformer and ensures that it remains securely
fixed to the AC wall outlet. The D8004 Transformer
Enclosure might be required for certain applications,
such as fire alarms. Consult your local AHJ for
installation requirements.
The D8004 is a direct replacement for the AE-TR16.
Remove AC power and lock out the circuit
breakers prior to installation.
Figure 7:
D8004 Installation
1 - Cover
2 - Transformer
3 - Cover plate
4 - Duplex outlet
5 - Gang box
6 - Gang box partition
7 - Low voltage section
1. Mount the gang box to the wall or supporting
2. Insert a gang box partition into the gang box. The
partition divides the gang box into two sections.
The large section contains the high voltage wiring;
the small section contains the low voltage wiring.
3. Punch out a conduit knockout in the high voltage
side of the gang box. Feed the 110 VAC wiring
through the knockout hole and into the gang box
as required by the local AHJ, NFPA, and the NEC.
4. Connect the isolated 110 VAC wiring to the
duplex outlet.
5. Mount the duplex outlet to the cover plate using
the No. 6 machine screws, nuts, and lockwashers
provided. Mount the cover plate to the gang box
with the No. 10 screws provided with the gang
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6. Energize the power to the circuit(s) and use a
digital voltmeter (DVM) to test the duplex outlet
for proper voltage.
7. Punch out a conduit knockout in the low voltage
side of the gang box. Feed the low voltage wiring
through the knockout hole and into the gang box
as required by the local AHJ, NFPA and the NEC.
8. Connect the low voltage wiring to the transformer.
9. Plug the transformer into the bottom outlet of the
duplex outlet. Secure the transformer to the duplex
outlet using the screw provided.
10. Attach the cover to the cover plate with the four
No. 6 self-tapping screws provided
3.0 C onfiguration and
The D6680 is a two-channel network adapter. The
D6680 includes a cable for connecting to Channel 1.
For most networked installations, only one channel
needs to be used and configured. The examples below
illustrate configuration of Channel 1 only.

Factory Default IP Address

The default IP address is not used for any
of the Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
network functions. This information is
provided only to assist the technician if a
failure of the ARP commands occur (refer
to Section 3.4 Initial Assignment of the IP
Address using ARP on page 7). It is useful
to know the default IP address if the ARP
commands fail. However, this occurrence is
not likely. Contact Technical Support at
Bosch Security Systems, Inc., or a network
engineer if you have further questions.
The D6680 is shipped with the following default IP
Table 1: D6680 Default IP Address
Bosch Security
Systems, Inc.
Model Number
Network Adapter
for Ethernet
Bosch Security Systems, Inc. | 5/07 | 4998138732-01
Default IP


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