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Installation; All Installations; Ul Installations Fire Alarm Applications; Mounting In A Separate Enclosure - Bosch Conettix D6680 Installation Instructions Manual

Ethernet network adapter
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2.0 I nstallation
A ll Installations
Install the Conettix D6600 Communications
Receiver/Gateway (referred to as the D6600) according
to NFPA 70, NFPA 72, and the local authority having
jurisdiction (AHJ).
UL Installations Fire Alarm
The D6680 is suitable for Central Station Protective
Signaling when it is installed and used in compliance
with NFPA 72 and ANSI/NFPA 70. Installation limits
for digital alarm communicator receivers (DACR) are
under the jurisdiction of your local AHJ.
The D6680 must be installed in the same room as the
D6600 and within 15.2 m (50 ft) of the D6600.
For UL Listed Fire Installations, equipment
between Ethernet Interface Modules and
the D6680 is required to be UL Listed
Information Technology Equipment.

Mounting in a Separate Enclosure

Required for UL Central Station Protective Signaling,
the D6680 must be mounted in a separate enclosure
such as the AE1 (gray) or the AE2 (red).
Before installing the D6680 in the AE1 or AE2
enclosure, find the correct mounting holes on the back
wall of the enclosure. Only these holes align correctly
for securing the D6680 with two screws.
When you locate the holes, mount the D6680:
1. Place the D6680 against the back wall of the
2. Align the side mounting holes on the D6680 with
the enclosure mounting holes indicated in Figure 5.
3. Insert the two screws provided and slowly tighten
them until the D6680 is securely mounted to the
enclosure (refer to Figure 6).
Mount the enclosure on a vertical surface
before installing the module. All wires
within the enclosure are power limited and
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Conettix D6680 | Installation Instructions | 2.0 Installation
Figure 5:
Mounting Holes for D6680
1 - Use these mounting holes.
Figure 6:
D6680 in an AE1/AE2 Enclosure
1 - D6680


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