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Vizualogic ELite Console User Manual

Center armrest monitor with adjustable bracket
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Table of Contents
Elite Console
Center Armrest Monitor
With Adjustable Bracket
Please Test All Functions Before


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Vizualogic ELite Console

  • Page 1 USER MANUAL Elite Console Center Armrest Monitor With Adjustable Bracket CAUTION: Please Test All Functions Before Installing.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Operating Instructions USB Operations S witc hing DVD / U S B / Memory C a rd Mode Welc ome ............. . 2 .
  • Page 3: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Welcome Warning: Thank you for purchasing the ELite Console This symbol means "Forbids this behavior." Monitor. This manual will help you use the Failure to heed them can result in serious injury features of your new monitor. or death.
  • Page 4: Precautions

    Operating Instructions Placing Disc Precautions Ma ke s ure the la bel s ide is fa c ing you when you pla c e the dis c . Please read all safety and operating instructions Your pla yer a c c epts only one dis c a t a time for pla y- in this manual carefully, and keep this manual ba c k.
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Getting Started Monitor Function Overview 5 6 7 POWER Switch - Press PWR button to turn on or off the unit. - Press this button to open the disc cover. Disc Tray - Press S R C button to switch the display source. DVD / DVD-R / DVD-R W / DVD+ R / DVD+ R W / DVD / AV IN1 / AV IN2 VC D / C D-R OM / C D-R W...
  • Page 6: When U S Ing R Emote C Ontrol

    Getting Started When Using the Remote Control Remote Control Function Overview The rst time when you use the remote control, please remove the plastic tape before using. Caution Point the remote c ontrol a t the IR R ec iver within 2 meters .
  • Page 7 Getting Started Power S witc h monitor power O N/O F F E nter or exit on-s c reen dis play menu s ys tem. OSD Menu Function S witc h Number / Func tion mode. FM Modulator (Option) (1) P res s O nc e : S witc h F M O N/O F F. ( 87.7MHz to 88.9MHz) (2) P res s Twic e : S witc h IR O N/O F F.
  • Page 8: Basic Operations

    Basic Operations Monitor Setup Adjusting OSD Before Using the MMD Vis ua l brightnes s , c ontra s t a nd c olor a re a djus ta ble. Before using the MMD, please remove the card from the Multi Media Driver (MMD).
  • Page 9: Mmd (Open Cover Multimedia Driver) Operations

    MMD Operations Caution Stopping Playback (PRE-STOP) Not a ll func tion will opera te for every DVD. P res s during pla yba c k. ì P R E S S P L AY S ee the individua l MMDís ins truc tions for K E Y TO C O NTINU E î...
  • Page 10: Finding The Beginning Of Chapters

    MMD Operations Finding the Beginning of Repeating Display Period (A-B) Chapters U s e this func tion to s et a dis pla y period repea tedly. During pla yba c k, pres s to find the During pla yba c k, pres s beginning of c ha pters .
  • Page 11: Displaying Disc Status

    MMD Operations Switching Subtitles (DVD only) Displaying Disc Status With multiple s ubtitle la ngua ge DVDs , the s ubtitle U s e the proc edure des c ribed below to dis pla y the la ngua ge c a n be s witc hed during pla yba c k, or s ta tus (title number, c ha pter number, etc .
  • Page 12: Usb Operations

    USB Operations Setting RANDOM CAUTION R a ndom a llows you to s elec t to pla y the tra c k ra ndomly Not a ll func tion will opera te for every forma ts . · during pla yba c k. S ee the individua l U S B ís ins truc tions for deta ils on the fea tures s upported.
  • Page 13: Mmd Setup

    MMD Setup DVD Setup Operation General Setup Page TV dis pla y, O S D la ngua ge, S c reen s a vre a nd L a s t- memory a re a djus ta ble. The following steps 1 to 2 are common to each of the DVD settings described here.
  • Page 14: Setting Osd Language

    MMD Setup Setting OSD Language (default: English) Password Setup Page P res s to s elec t des ired la ngua ge. There is not origina l pa s s word. P res s button on the remote c ontrol. The ·...
  • Page 15: Preference Setup

    MMD Setup Setting Disc Menu Language (default: English) Preference Setup P res s to s elec t des ired dis c menu TV type, Audio, S ubtitle, Dis c Menu a nd Pa renta l a re la ngua ge. a djus ta ble.
  • Page 16: Caution

    Installation and Connections B efore ins ta lling or c onnec ting the unit, plea s e rea d Warning the following a nd pa ge 2~ 3 of this ma nua l thoroughly for proper us e. Make the correct connections. F a ilure to ma ke the proper c onnec tions ma y res ult in re or produc t da ma ge.
  • Page 17: Parts Indication

    Installation and Connections Parts Indication L C D Monitor O uts ide C over O f R ight (left) B ra c ket O pen C over DVD P la yer P la s tic Wa s her S igna l C a ble (blue) Mounting P la te O uts ide C over O f Tra ns vers e Axle S igna l C a ble (bla c k)
  • Page 18: Limitation

    Installation and Connections Caution: Caution: P l e a s e u s e t h e s h a p e o f t h e T h e b a c k s e a t p a s s e ng e r mu s t fasten c o n s o le and the position of the th e s a fe ty b e lt b e fo r e o p e r a ting folded monitor to determine the angle...
  • Page 19: Ins Ta Lla Tion S Teps

    Installation and Connections Installation Step Measure the width and height of the console box rst. F or exa mple: The c ons ole box is 15(W) x 25(H ) c m. (F igure 1) (F igure 1) Adjust the width of the transverse axle. F or exa mple: The width of the c ons ole box is 15c m.
  • Page 20 Installation and Connections Installation of screws: A Type A Type (Figure 5-1) P ut the mounting pla te ins ide of the c ons ole box, a nd x the mounting pla te from outs ide to ins id e with 4pc s 4x25 s elf-ta pping s c rews .
  • Page 21: Connections

    Installation and Connections Connections AV Connectors Video Input Connector Green / Yellow This c onnec tor is us ed in c ombina tion with the video inputs of other video produc ts (AV hea d out or TV Tuner). Audio Input Connectors White(L) Red ( R) Thes e c onnec tors a re us ed in c ombina tion with a hea d unit or TV Tuner with...
  • Page 22: System Connections

    Installation and Connections System Connections TV Tuner Multi Media S ta tion AV O utput AV Input (B la c k) AV Input ( ) ( ) B la c k B la c k ( )12V (B la c k) ACC - out AV O utput (B lue) (...
  • Page 23: Information

    Information Accessories A Type Screen Bracket Arm Mounting Plates Screws ⊕4× - For Mounting Plates B Type Screws (F 3 8) Outside Covers Of ⊕ × - For Outside covers Spring Buckles Self-tapping Screws Bracket of Bracket (F 4 25) ⊕...
  • Page 24: General Specifications

    Information General Specifications DISPLAY SCREEN S ize 8 inc h As pec t R atio 16: 10 LC D-Type Digital type TF T Liquid C rys talDis play DVD Loader S ys tem O pen C over (Made in C hina) Number of E lements 800(W)x480(H)x3 E ffec tive Number of E lements...
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    Information Troubleshooting Unit does not operate. Monitorís power is not turned on. - Turn on the monitor power. CAUTION C ondens a tion If you enc ounter a problem, plea s e turn the power -Wa it a while (a bout 1 hour) for the c ondens a tion to off, then on a ga in.
  • Page 26: Warranty

    Out of the Warranty period: C a us ed by neon s igns , high-volta ge power lines , C B If the unit fails Vizualogic will, for a fee, inspect and tra ns mitter, other vehic leís ignition plugs , etc .
  • Page 27: Warranty Card

    In order to guarantee your rights , pleas e remember to ll in the retail s hop name, If the authentication seal is incorrect Vizualogic will addres s and telephone number c orrectly after not replace the unit under warranty.