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Samsung SmartThings Series Instructions page 2

Motion sensor
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Using your
Motion Sensor
The Motion Sensor can detect motion
up to 15 feet (4.5 meters) away with a 120
degree field of view.
Simply place the Motion Sensor facing
the area that you'd like to monitor and
make sure there are no objects blocking
its view.
The Motion Sensor can also monitor
There are many ways that you can use
a Motion Sensor to add smartness to your
Use one in your basement and
set it to send you a message if
unexpected activity is detected.
Use one on your stairs and set it
to turn on connected lights when
motion is detected.
Use one in your living room and set
it to turn off connected lights when
everyone's gone.
Use one in your hallway and set
it to turn on a connected thermostat
when someone's in the house.
Use one in your garage and set
a connected camera to send you
a video alert when unexpected
activity is detected.
Visit for
more ideas, tips, and special offers.
Works with SmartThings
SmartThings works with a wide range
of connected devices, including lights,
cameras, locks, thermostats, sensors,
and more.
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Look for the Works with SmartThings
label next time you're buying a
connected device for your home,
or visit to see the
full list of compatible devices.
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