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Messaging; Sending A Message; Entering Text - LG -B525 User Manual

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Sending a message

Touch Messaging and touch Write message to begin composing a new message.
Touch Menu to insert Symbol, insert template and so on.
Touch To: field at the top of the screen to enter the recipients, then enter the
number or touch
when ready.
WARNING: If an image, video, sound, New slide and so on is
added to an SMS it will be automatically converted to an MMS and
you will be charged accordingly.

Entering text

You can choose your input method by tapping
to turn on Spell word. This icon is only shown when you choose Keypad as
the input method. Touch to
Shift key to change between capital or lowercase input.
TIP: You can send SMS to many contacts at a time. User can select/
deselect contacts for sending the message. Only 20 contacts can
be marked and if user choose Select all only first 20 contacts will be
To send the SMS to a particular group of contacts select Groups and
select particular group.
NOTE: Excuse message - During Incoming call alert, a preset
message can be send by taping on Excuse msg.
to select a contact. You can even add multiple contacts.
change between numbers, symbols and text input. Use
and Input method.



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