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Toshiba PCT001Z-E Instruction Manual page 13

Trace tool
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⑪ [Trace data reading]
Click this button to read trace data stored in the inverter and display it in graphic form. If
the inverter is tripped or "at the time of trigger" is not selected for trace selection, the
"Reset approval" window (Fig. 11) will appear and data will be read after approval is
given, because the inverter needs to be reset before data is read in such cases.
At that time, trace selection on the inverter side is disabled temporarily, so if
communications are interrupted halfway, trace selection will remain "disabled." In that
case, return the value of trace selection to its original value.
⑫ 'Graph'
Displays acquired data in graphic form.
⑬ 'Max' 'Min'
Displays the maximum and minimum values of 4 kinds of data acquired.
⑭ 'Cause for trip'
Displays the cause of tripping of the inverter.
⑮ [< To setting]
Click this button to move from the Graphic sheet to the Setting sheet.
⑯ [To data >]
Click this button to move from the Graphic sheet to the Data sheet.
⑰ [agree]
Click this button to reset the inverter and read trace data.
⑱ [don't agree]
Click this button to stop operation without resetting the inverter (no trace data is read).


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