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Troubleshooting - Toshiba PCT001Z-E Instruction Manual

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This section explains problems that may occur when PCT001Z-E is used.
Q1 : Although the [Trace data reading] button is clicked, time-out occurs.
A1 : Communication between the inverter and the computer is not established. Check
whether the cable is connected properly and all settings for communications are made
Q2 : Although trace data is acquired, no data is displayed or other data is displayed.
A2 : Check whether "Deselect" is selected for 'Trace selection'.
Q3 : Trace data acquired is discontinuous.
A3 : This phenomenon occurs if the inverter is tripped or triggered and the recording of
trace data is interrupted before 100 pieces of trace data are collected, and therefore
the previous data remains. This phenomenon may occur if the inverter is tripped or
triggered immediately after Power supply turning on.
Q4 : The trace tool software has started, but it does not respond to the click of any button.
A4 : This phenomenon occurs if the Excel's macro security is set at 'High' level. To solve
this problem, set the macro security at 'Medium' or lower level.
Q5 : The instruction manuals for VF-AS1 and VF-PS1 states that any number of up to 248
can be assigned to an inverter (F802), but only a number of up to 99 can be assigned
with PCT001Z-E.
A5 : Since PCT001Z uses the Toshiba inverter protocol ASCII mode, only a number
between 0 and 99 can be assigned to an inverter.


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