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When Using The Unit - Mitsubishi Electric VL-100U5-E Operating Instructions Manual

Lossnay ventilator
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When using the unit

transfers the heat of indoor air to the
cold outdoor air as it brings outside
air in.
This means that when outside air is colder than
about -10°C, condensation or frost may form on
the panel or inside the unit.
Since condensation and frost formation varies
with subtle changes in conditions (indoor
modes or temporarily stop the unit as conditions
properly before using it.
- Is the Lossnay mounted on a wall?
- This Lossnay is designed to be mounted only
on a wall. If mounted on a ceiling, it may drop
- Is the special outdoor hood mounted on an
exterior wall?
- Failure to install the hood may allow wind and
rain into the unit, damaging it.
using the Lossnay
- Do not place objects around the unit.
openings or may prevent servicing.
- They may also prevent you from reaching the
wall outlet (for plug-in models).
Nothing in front
At least 5 cm
- When an object (such as a bookshelf or a
chest of drawers) is placed directly below the
unit, orient the louver horizontally.
- Failure to do so could result in a short circuit.
to become dirty.
- Do not use aerosol sprays (such as insect
sprays, hair sprays or cleaners) directly on
the unit.
At least 5 cm
At least 5 cm
At least 10 cm
- Do not obstruct the panel.
- Proper ventilation may be impeded.
- Do not pull the cord diagonally (VL-100U
- The unit will not operate correctly.
- In the following cases, stop the Lossnay and
close its shutter.
- If the outside air is cold, winds are strong,
snow or rain is falling heavily, there is heavy
resulting in weather damage.)
- During cleaning and inspections
(Stop the Lossnay temporarily, resuming operation
Lossnay away from the bed.
If the unit is too close, you may hear operating
noise or feel cold air blowing while in bed.
of the outdoor hood may be able to
periodic maintenance (replacement).
Replacement time will vary with frequency of


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