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Mitsubishi Electric VL-100U5-E Operating Instructions Manual

Lossnay ventilator
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Mitsubishi Lossnay Ventilator
(pull cord Type)
(wall switch Type)
Operating Instructions


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 1305875HF7601 Mitsubishi Lossnay Ventilator MODEL: (pull cord Type) VL-100U (wall switch Type) VL-100EU Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Mitsubishi Lossnay Ventilator MODEL: VL-100U (pull cord Type) VL-100EU (wall switch Type) Operating Instructions For Customer Please read these instructions thoroughly to ensure safe and Contents Page proper use. Safety precautions .....1 When using the unit ....3 Before proceeding with operation, please be sure to read Features ........4 “Safety precautions”, as it will tell you how to operate the Names of parts ......4...
  • Page 3 - Immediately halt use in the event - Wear gloves when maintaining the of malfunction or breakdown. unit. - Continued use of the Lossnay could - Failure to wear gloves could result - After maintenance, reattach parts securely. or remove the power plug* from the wall outlet.
  • Page 4: When Using The Unit

    When using the unit - Do not obstruct the panel. - Proper ventilation may be impeded. transfers the heat of indoor air to the cold outdoor air as it brings outside - Do not pull the cord diagonally (VL-100U air in. only).
  • Page 5: Features

    Features Names of parts The Lossnay ventilator, from Mitsubishi Lossnay Core Louver Panel (Heat exchanger) Running the Lossnay Core handle The Lossnay moves dirty indoor air outside (exhausting it) and brings clean air from the outside in (providing air supply). When it supplies air, it brings outside air close to room temperature (functioning as a heat exchanger).
  • Page 6: Operation

    Operation Note If cold air is blowing on you - In the following cases, stop the Lossnay and manually move the shutter knob to the leftmost position (the closed position) to vertical to horizontal.(Move manually.) close the shutter. Louver - If the outside air is cold, winds are strong, snow or rain is falling heavily, there is heavy Air direction (when vertical) resulting in weather damage.)
  • Page 7: Maintenance

    Maintenance 3. Remove the Lossnay Core. To maximize the life of the Lossnay, clean off any accumulated dirt and dust on the exhaust air Press the prong of the Lossnay Core's handle at least once every six and pull the handle toward you to remove the core.
  • Page 8 6. Reassembly and checking after maintenance Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. opposite of the removal procedure. Exhaust air Caution - After maintenance, reattach parts securely. Vacuum cleaner frame and mount it in the main unit. (Do not confuse the top and bottom.) 2.
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting

    Note - Use of any of the following solvents in securely? maintenance may warp, weaken or discolor Lossnay components. - Paint thinner, alcohol, benzene, gasoline, shutter is open.) chemical wipes, or abrasive-containing detergents, such as cleansers Cleaning the panel/main unit - Clean any dust off of the plug.
  • Page 10: After-Sales Servicing

    Power Temperature Supply Frequency Air volume Noise Weight Model Notch consumption voltage (V) (Hz) /hr) (dB) 36.5 VL-100U VL-100EU * Noise values may be higher than those listed depending on the structure of the room. After-sales servicing Consult with your dealer about the after-sales - If you hear strange sounds, if no air is blown out or services provided for this Lossnay product.

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