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Serial Plate Location; Factory Connected Power Supply Cord; Power Supply Cord Kit; Access To Terminal Block & Grounding Strap - Frigidaire CGES3065PW Installation Instructions Manual

30" electric slide-in range
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Serial Plate Location

You will find the model and serial
number printed on the serial plate.
The serial plate is located as
Remember to record the serial
number for future reference.
Factory Connected Power
Supply Cord (Canada only)
This range is equipped with a factory-connected power
cord (see Figure 1). Cord must be connected to a
grounded 120/240 volt or 120/208 volt range outlet. If
no outlet is available, have one installed by a qualified
Canada Style
Figure 1
Power Supply Cord Kit (U.S.A.)
The user is responsible for connecting the power
supply cord to the connection block located behind the
back panel access cover.
This appliance may be connected by means of
permanent "hard wiring"; flexible armored or
nonmetallic shielded copper cable (when local code
allow it) or by means of a power supply cord kit.
NOTE: Electric Slide-in Range is shipped from factory
with 1 1/8" (2,9 cm) dia. hole as shown on figure 3. If a
larger hole is required, punch out the knockout.
Risk of fire or electrical shock
exists if an incorrect size range cord kit is used,
the Installation Instructions are not followed, or the
strain relief bracket is discarded.
For mobile homes, new installations or recreational
vehicles, use only a power supply kit designed for a
range at 125V/250V 50A recommended (minimum
40A). Cord must have either 3 (when local code
permits grounding through neutral) or 4 conductors.
Terminal on end of wires must be either closed loop or
open spade lug with upturned ends. Cord must have
strain-relief clamp.
Do not loosen the nuts which
secure the factory-installed range wiring to
terminal block while connecting range. Electrical
failure or loss of electrical connection may occur.
Electrical Shock Hazard
• Electrical ground is required on this appliance.
• Do not connect to the electrical supply until
appliance is permanently grounded.
• Disconnect power to the circuit breaker or fuse
box before making the electrical connection.
• This appliance must be connected to a
grounded, metallic, permanent wiring system,
or a grounding connector should be connected
to the grounding terminal or wire lead on the
Failure to do any of the above could result in a
fire, personal injury or electrical shock.
Access to Terminal Block &
Grounding Strap (U.S.A.)
This appliance is manufactured
with the frame grounded by connection of a
grounding strap between the neutral power
supply terminal and the frame. If used in USA,
in a new branch circuit installation (1996 NEC),
mobile home or recreational vehicle, where local
code do not permit grounding through neutral
(white) wire or in Canada; remove the grounding
strap from the frame and cut the other end, near
the neutral terminal. Connect the appliance in
usual manner.
Remove the wire cover here
for access to terminal block
Figure 2