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Frigidaire CGES3065PW Installation Instructions Manual page 9

30" electric slide-in range
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Anti-Tip Brackets Installation
Models Equipped with Leveling Device
To reduce the risk of tipping of the
range, the range must be secured to the floor by
properly installed anti-tip bracket and screws packed
with the range. These parts are located in the oven.
Failure to install the anti-tip bracket will allow the range
to tip over if excessive weight is placed on an open door
or if a child climbs upon it. Serious injury might result
from spilled hot liquids or from the range itself.
Follow the instructions below to install the anti-tip
If range is ever moved to a different location, the anti-
tip brackets must also be moved and installed with the
Tools Required:
Adjustable Wrench
Drill & 1/8" (0,32 cm) bit
5/16" (0,8 cm) Nutdriver
The anti-tip bracket attaches to the floor (or back wall)
at the back of the range to prevent range from tipping.
When fastening bracket to the floor, be sure that screws
do not penetrate electrical wiring or plumbing. The
screws provided will work in either wood or concrete.
L = Center line)
Figure 8
1. Draw a center line (CL) on the floor where the range
should be installed. Also draw a line on the floor at
the range back position if there is no wall.
2. Unfold paper template and place it flat on the floor
with the right rear corner positioned exactly on the
intersection of the center and back lines you just
drew before. (Use the diagram below to locate
brackets if template is not available. (Figure 8))
3. Mark on the floor (or wall) the location of the
mounting holes shown on the template. For easier
installation, 3/16" (0,48 cm) diameter pilot holes 1/2"
(1,27 cm) deep can be drilled into the floor (or wall).
4. Remove template and place bracket on floor. Line up
holes in bracket with marks on floor/wall and attach
with screws provided. Bracket must be secured to
solid floor or wall (Figure 9). If attaching to concrete
floor, first drill 3/16" (0,48 cm) dia. pilot holes using
masonry drill bit.
5. Be sure the 4 levelling legs are at the highest
position they can be.
6. Slide range into place making sure structure of the
range is trapped by the anti-tip bracket (Figure 9).
Lower the range by adjusting the levelling legs until
the underside of the cooktop is sitting level on the
countertop. Refer to "Levelling the Range" section.
7. After installation, verify that the anti-tip bracket is
engaged by grasping the top rear edge of the range
and carefully attempt to tilt it forward to make sure
range is properly anchored.
Floor Mount
Anti-Tip Bracket
Figure 9