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Safety Instructions; For The Fitter; For The User - Electrolux 6000 K Instructions For Use Manual

Fitted glass ceramic cooking units
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Safety Instructions

For the Fitter

The safety regulations require the manufacturer to give the following advice:
For fitment of the unit in furniture, these fitting instructions must be observed.

For the User

The surfaces of the cooking areas become hot during use.
Take care; small children should be kept away from the unit.
Overheated fats and oils readily ignite. When preparing food which requires the
use of fat or oil (e.g. French fries) stay close to the unit at all times.
The glass ceramics cooking area must not be used as a storage area.
Please take care that no plastic parts or aluminium foil are placed on the glass
ceramics cooking area.
The hot cooking areas must not be used for the preparation of meals in aluminium
foil or plastic containers.
The cooking areas must not be used for purposes of heating the room.
The red-hot light from the cooking zones can appear beyond the limits of the
cooking zones, depending on the angle of vision.
In the case units with halogen cooking zones, do not look directly into the cooking
zone (danger of glare).
Use only electrically-suitable pots and pans with flat, smooth - on no account
rough - bottoms (e.g. no pots made of cast iron or with damaged bottoms), to avoid
scratching the cooking area when shifting.
The glass ceramics cooking area is very robust, but is not unbreakable. Sharp and
hard objects in particular, if dropped onto the cooking area, can damage it. If
breaks, cracks or splits appear: Turn the cooking switch to "0". Disconnect the
device from the mains immediately (main switch). Notify the after sales service at
In connecting electrical devices to a socket near to the oven care should be taken
to ensure that the connection line is not in contact with the heated hotplates or
wedged under the hot oven door.
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