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Electrolux 318 203 603 (0709) Use And Care Manual

Electrolux radiant/induction electric cooktop use & care guide
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Use & Care Guide
R a d i a n t / I n d u c t i o n E l e c t r i c C o o k t o p
318 203 603 (0709)



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux 318 203 603 (0709)

  • Page 1 Use & Care Guide R a d i a n t / I n d u c t i o n E l e c t r i c C o o k t o p 318 203 603 (0709)
  • Page 2: Finding Information

    Purchase Date_____________________________________________________ Model Number_____________________________________________________ Serial Number______________________________________________________ NOTE The serial and model numbers may be found on the serial plate located under the cooktop. QUESTIONS? For toll-free telephone support in the U.S. and Canada: 1-877-4ELECTROLUX (1-877-435-3287) For online support and internet product information:
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Important Safety Instructions ... 4 Cooktop Features ... 8-9 Before Using the Cooktop ... 10-17 About the Ceramic Glass Cooktop ... 10 Locations of the Surface Elements ... 10 LED Messages or Light Indicators Displayed by Main Control ... 11 Light Indicators Displayed by Cooking Element Controls ...
  • Page 4: Safety

    WARNING WARNING To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury when using your electric cooktop, follow basic precaution including the following: This unit has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, pursuant to Part 18 of the FCC rules.
  • Page 5 WARNING WARNING Stepping or leaning on this cooktop can result in serious injuries and may also cause damage to the cooktop. Do not allow children to climb or play around the cooktop. • DO NOT TOUCH SURFACE UNITS OR AREAS NEAR THESE UNITS. Surface units may be hot even though they are dark in color.
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT. Do not attempt to operate the cooktop during a power failure. If the power fails, always turn off the cooktop. If the cooktop is not turned off and the power resumes, the cooktop will not operate and an error message will be displayed.
  • Page 7 • Clean Cooktop with Caution. If a wet sponge or cloth is used to wipe spills on a hot cooking area, be careful to avoid a steam burn. Some cleaners can produce harmful fumes if applied to a hot surface.
  • Page 8 HOT from residual heat transferred from the cookware and burns may occur. INDUCTION ELEMENT CHARACTERISTICS A COOLER COOKTOP- A unique feature of the Induction Cooktop is whether turned ON or OFF, the cooktop surface remains cooler than standard ceramic cooktops.
  • Page 9: Cooktop Features

    6 7 8 9 11 Element Controls (at 4 or 5 locations) ON OFF Fig. 3 13. Cooktop ON/OFF Key Pad 14. Cooktop ON/OFF Indicator Light 15. Controls Lock Key Pad 16. Keep Warm Setting Key Pad 17. Minute Timer Setting - (decrease) Key Pad 18.
  • Page 10: Before Using The Cooktop

    ABOUT THE CERAMIC GLASS COOKTOP The ceramic cooktop has radiant and induction surface elements located below the surface of the glass. The design of the ceramic cooktop outlines the area of the surface element underneath. Make sure the diameter of the pan matches the diameter of the element outline on the cooktop (See Figs.
  • Page 11: Led Messages Or Light Indicators Displayed By Main Control

    / - lo (decrease) key pad is not touched, the request to turn the Cooking Element ON will cancel and the Cooktop Main Power will turn OFF, if no other zone is actived. To set a Cooking Element power level touch the corresponding Cooking Element + (increase) or - (decrease) key pad once.
  • Page 12: About The Radiant Surface Elements

    Radiant elements have a limiter that allows the element to cycle ON and OFF, even at the HI setting. This helps to prevent damage to the ceramic glass cooktop. Cycling at the HI setting is normal and can also occur if the cookware is too small for the radiant element or if the cookware bottom is not flat (Refer to pages 15-16 for using correct cookware instructions with the cooktop).
  • Page 13: The Recommended Radiant Element Settings

    RESIDUAL HEAT - Once any Cooking Zone has been used for cooking and turned OFF, and if the cooktop surface temperature on any of the Cooking Zones is still too HOT, H H H H H (See Fig. 4) will appear in the LED display for the affected Cooking Zone. The H H H H H will continue to display if the temperature is still too HOT.
  • Page 14: Use The Correct Cookware Type On The Induction Cooking Zones

    Even quality cookware can scratch the cooktop surface, especially if cookware is slid over the ceramic cooktop surface without being lifted up. Over time sliding ANY type of cookware over the ceramic cooktop will likely alter the overall appearance of the cooktop. Eventually the buildup of scratches will make cleaning the surface difficult and degrade the overall appearance of the cooktop.
  • Page 15: Cookware Recommendations

    Fig. 1 may be detected by the sensors located below the ceramic cooktop surface. If the cookware does not meet any of these conditions, one or two of the Cooking Zones will not heat indicated by an Zone display.
  • Page 16: Use Quality Cookware In Good Condition

    Before Using the Cooktop USE QUALITY COOKWARE IN GOOD CONDITION The cookware used with the Induction Cooktop should have flat bottoms that make good contact with the entire surface of the Cooking Zone. Check for flatness by rotating a ruler across the bottom of the cookware (See Fig.
  • Page 17: Cookware Material Types For Radiant Elements Only

    ALUMINUM- Excellent heat conductor. Some types of food will cause it to darken (Anodized aluminum cookware resists staining & pitting). If aluminum pans slide across the ceramic glass cooktop, they may leave metal marks which will resemble scratches. Remove these marks immediately.
  • Page 18: Setting The Surface Controls

    Radiant surface elements may appear to have cooled after they have been turned OFF. The Hot Element (HE) message will be showed and will continue to display until the glass cooktop has cooled down to a moderate level. The glass surface may still be hot and burns may occur if the glass surface is touched before the display has turned OFF.
  • Page 19: Operating The Dual Surface Radiant Element

    Radiant surface elements may appear to have cooled after they have been turned OFF. The Hot Element (HE) message will be showed and will continue to display until the glass cooktop has cooled down to a moderate level. The glass surface may still be hot and burns may occur if the glass surface is touched before the display has turned OFF.
  • Page 20: Operating The Induction Cooking Zones

    Zones needed. A beep will sound and the chosen Cooking Zone power level digital display will show no other key pad is touched within 10 seconds the request to Power ON the Cooktop Zone will clear. 4. Set the desired power level for the Cooking Zone by touching either the key pad.
  • Page 21: Induction Cooking Preheat Recommendations

    OPERATING THE INDUCTION COOKING ZONES IMPORTANT OPERATING NOTES: • Fluids spilled or objects lying on the controls area of the cooktop may cause the cooktop to display error code and turn OFF while cooking. Clean the spills or remove the objects from the cooktop.
  • Page 22: Keep Warm Feature

    After few seconds a beep will sound and all LED displays lock will turn OFF indicating the cooktop is unlocked. The Cooking Elements or any of the other Cooktop functions may now be used. L L L L L for induction element indicating that the pad.
  • Page 23: Sabbath Feature Mode

    Setting Surface Controls SABBATH FEATURE MODE When the Sabbath feature is ON "Sb" will be showed on the radiant elements control displays and on the Minute Timer Control display (Fig. 1). On induction element control displays will be showed "-". Only radiant surface elements can be used during Sabbath mode.
  • Page 24: Power Sharing (Induction Cooking Zones Only)

    Setting Surface Controls POWER SHARING (INDUCTION COOKING ZONES ONLY) Your cooktop is equipped with two induction elements within one heating section. The Cooking Zones are powered by an independent induction inverters. Two Cooking Zones in a heating section share the power of one inverter.
  • Page 25: Care & Cleaning Table

    General Care & Cleaning CARE & CLEANING TABLE How to Clean Surfaces Use hot, soapy water and a cloth. Dry with a clean cloth. Aluminum & Vinyl Using a soft cloth, clean with mild dish detergent and water or a 50/50 solution Painted and Plastic of vinegar and water.
  • Page 26: Cooktop Cleaning And Maintenance

    WARNING WARNING WARNING DO NOT use a cooktop cleaner on a hot cooktop. The fumes can be hazardous to your health, and can chemically damage the ceramic-glass surface. For light to moderate soil: Apply a few drops of CookTop® Cleaning Creme directly to the cooktop. Use a paper towel to clean the entire cooktop surface.
  • Page 27: General Care & Cleaning

    Aluminum utensils - The melting point of aluminum is much lower than that of other metals. Care must be taken when aluminum pots or pans are used on the cooktop. If allowed to boil dry, not only will the utensil be destroyed, but it may fuse to, break or mark the ceramic glass surface, permanently damaging the cooktop surface.
  • Page 28: Entire Cooktop Does Not Operate

    ENTIRE COOKTOP DOES NOT OPERATE • Cooktop controls are locked. Set the cooktop controls to unlock the Cooktop (see page 23 for further instructions). • House fuse has blown or circuit breaker has tripped. Check/reset breaker or replace fuse.
  • Page 29: Solutions To Common Problems

    • Cookware is not centered on Cooking Zone. • Cookware resting on cooktop trim or does not rest completely on cooktop surface. • No power to the appliance. Check steps under "Entire cooktop does not operate" in this checklist. • Incorrect Cooking Zone control setting. Make sure the correct control is ON for the Cooking Zone being used.
  • Page 30: Cooktop Zone Control Displays E And 2 Digits Led Main Control Displays

    • Induction Cooktop main control has detected a fault or error condition. Try turning electrical power supply OFF and back ON to cooktop in order to reset Cooktop main controls. If fault recurs, record fault number and turn power supply to Cooktop OFF.
  • Page 31: Brown Streaks And Specks On Ceramic Glass Cooktop Surface

    COOKTOP SURFACE • Mineral deposits from water and food. Wet surface with water and sprinkle on a cooktop cleaning creme. Scrub with a clean damp paper towel until the stain disappears. Wipe remaining paste away, then apply a small amount of cooktop cleaning creme and polish with a clean paper towel.
  • Page 32: Warranty Information

    14. Damages to the finish of appliance or home incurred during transportation or installation, including but not limited to floors, cabinets, walls, etc. 15. Damages caused by: services performed by unauthorized service companies; use of parts other than genuine Electrolux parts or parts obtained from persons other than authorized service companies;...