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Ttestpoint Overview Bare Board - Philips SD-5.31SL Service Manual

Dvd-video player, dvd module sd-5.31sl.
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Block Diagram and Testpoint Overview Bare Board
Testpoint Overview Bare Board
3139 243 3063.4
F001 B3
F707 A2
F002 A3
F708 A2
F003 C3
F709 C2
F004 C2
F710 A2
F005 D3
F801 C4
F006 C2
F802 C3
F007 B3
F803 C3
F008 C3
F804 C3
F009 C3
F805 C3
F010 A3
F806 C3
F011 B2
F807 C4
F012 C3
F808 C4
F013 B3
F809 C4
F014 B3
F810 C4
F015 B3
F811 C4
F016 B3
F812 A4
F017 B3
F813 C4
F018 C3
F814 B3
F019 C3
F815 C4
F020 A2
F816 C4
F021 B3
F817 C4
F022 B2
F818 C4
F023 C3
F819 C4
F024 B2
F820 C4
F101 D2
F821 C4
F102 D2
F822 C4
F103 D2
F823 B4
F104 D2
F824 B4
F105 D2
F825 B4
F106 D3
F826 A4
F107 D3
F827 B4
F108 D3
F828 B2
F109 D3
F829 A4
F110 D3
F830 D3
F111 D2
F831 D4
F112 D2
F832 C4
F113 D2
F114 D2
F115 D2
F116 A2
F117 A2
F118 A1
F119 A1
F120 A2
F121 A2
F122 A2
F123 B3
F124 D4
F201 C3
F203 D1
F204 C1
F205 B2
F206 C2
F209 C2
F211 B2
F212 B2
F213 B1
F217 C2
F218 C2
F219 B2
F220 C1
F401 B3
F402 C1
F413 A2
F414 A2
F415 A2
F416 A2
F417 A2
F418 A1
F419 C3
F420 D4
F421 B4
F422 B1
F424 B2
F425 B2
F431 D4
F432 D4
F434 B3
F501 C1
F502 D2
F503 D3
F601 B3
F602 B4
F603 C4
F604 B3
F605 B3
F606 B4
F607 B4
F608 B4
F609 B4
F611 B4
F612 B4
F613 A4
F614 A4
F615 A4
F617 B2
F618 B3
F619 C3
F621 B4
F622 B4
F623 B4
CL 36532043_034.eps
F706 A3


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