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Health & Safety Guide; Safety Instructions - Whirlpool BLF 8121 User Manual

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Health & Safety guide


Before using the appliance, read these safety
instructions . Keep them nearby for future reference .
These instructions and the appliance itself provide
important safety warnings, to be observed at all
times . The manufacturer declines any liability for
failure to observe these safety instructions, for
inappropriate use of the appliance or incorrect
setting of controls .
Very young children (0-3  years) should be kept
away from the appliance . Young children (3-8 years)
should be kept away from the appliance unless
continuously supervised . Children from 8 years old
and above and persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge can use this appliance only if they
are supervised or have been given instructions on
safe use and understand the hazards involved .
Children must not play with the appliance . Cleaning
and user maintenance must not be carried out by
children without supervision .
CAUTION: The appliance is not intended to be
operated by means of an external switching device,
such as a timer, or separate remote controlled system .
This appliance is intended to be used in household
and similar applications such as: staff kitchen areas
in shops, offices and other working environments;
farm houses; by clients in hotels, motels, bed &
breakfast and other residential environments .
This appliance is not for professional use . Do not
use the appliance outdoors .
The bulb used inside the appliance is specifically
designed for domestic appliances and is not suitable
for general room lighting within the home (EC
Regulation 244/2009) .
The appliance is designed for operation in places
where the ambient temperature comes within the
following ranges, according to the climatic class
given on the rating plate . The appliance may not
work properly if it is left for a long time at a
temperature outside the specified range .
Climatic Class Amb . T . (°C)
SN: From 10 to 32 °C;
ST: From 16 to 38 °C;
This appliance does not contain CFCs . The
refrigerant circuit contains R600a (HC) . Appliances
with Isobutane (R600a): isobutane is a natural gas
without environmental impact, but is flammable .
Therefore, make sure the refrigerant circuit pipes are
not damaged, especially when emptying the
refrigerant circuit .
WARNING: Do not damage the appliance
N: From 16 to 32 °C
T: From 16 to 43 °C
refrigerant circuit pipes .
WARNING: Keep ventilation openings, in the
appliance enclosure or in the built-in structure, clear
of obstruction .
WARNING: Do not use mechanical, electric or
chemical means other than those recommended by
the Manufacturer to speed up the defrost process .
WARNING: Do not use or place electrical devices
inside the appliance compartments if they are not of
the type expressly authorised by the Manufacturer .
WARNING: Ice makers and/or water dispensers
not directly connected to the water supply must be
filled with potable water only .
WARNING: Automatic ice-makers and/or water
dispensers must be connected to a water supply
that delivers potable water only, with mains water
pressure between 0 . 1 7 and 0 .81 MPa (1 . 7 and 8 . 1  bar) .
Do not store explosive substances such as aerosol
cans and do not place or use gasoline or other
flammable materials in or near the appliance .
Do not swallow the contents (non-toxic) of the
ice packs (provided with some models) . Do not eat
ice cubes or ice lollies immediately after taking them
out of the freezer since they may cause cold burns .
For products designed to use an air filter inside
an accessible fan cover, the filter must always be in
position when the refrigerator is in function .
Do not store glass containers with liquids in the
freezer compartment since they may break .
Do not obstruct the fan (if included) with food items .
After placing the food check that the door of the
compartments closes properly, especially the freezer
door .
Damaged gaskets must be replaced as soon as
possible .
Use the refrigerator compartment only for storing
fresh food and the freezer compartment only for
storing frozen food, freezing fresh food and making
ice cubes .
Avoid storing unwrapped food in direct contact
with internal surfaces of the refrigerator or freezer
compartments .
Appliances could have special compartments (Fresh
Food Compartment, Zero Degree Box, etc . ) . Unless
specified in the specific booklet of product, they can
be removed, maintaining equivalent performances .
C-Pentane is used as blowing agent in the
insulation foam and it is a flammable gas .
The appliance must be handled and installed by
two or more persons - risk of injury . Use protective
gloves to unpack and install - risk of cuts .

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