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Whirlpool BSNF 8451 OX AQUA Use And Care And Installation Manual

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Health & Safety, Use and Care and Installation guide



  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool BSNF 8451 OX AQUA

  • Page 1 Health & Safety, Use and Care and Installation guide
  • Page 2 ENGLISH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ENGLISH HEALTH & SAFETY, USE & CARE and INSTALLATION GUIDES THANK YOU FOR BUYING A WHIRLPOOL PRODUCT . In order to receive a more complete assistance, www .whirlpool .eu/register please register your appliance on Index Health and Safety guide SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS .
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT TO BE READ This appliance is intended to be means other than those AND OBSERVED used in household and similar recommended by the applications such as: Manufacturer to speed up the Before using the appliance read – staff kitchen areas in shops, defrost process .
  • Page 5 Appliances could have special between the rear of the CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE compartments (Fresh Food appliance and the wall behind Compartment, Zero Degree the appliance should be 50 mm, Never use steam cleaning Box, . . . ) . In case not differently to avoid access to hot surfaces .
  • Page 6: Safeguarding The Environment

    SAFEGUARDING THE ENVIRONMENT DISPOSAL OF PACKAGING By ensuring this product is disposed The internal temperatures of the MATERIALS of correctly, you will help prevent appliance and the Energy potential negative consequences for Consumption may be affected by the The packaging material is 100% the environment and human health, ambient temperature, frequency of recyclable and is marked with the...
  • Page 7: Use And Care Guide

    Use and Care guide PRODUCT DESCRIPTION APPLIANCE Control panel Refrigerator compartment Dispenser’s paddle LED lighting Fan cover and antibacterial filter area Shelves Bottle rack Cheese box + Lid Multi-flow cold air area 10 . Sensor cover 11 . Cooler compartment (best for meat and fish) 12 .
  • Page 8: Control Panel

  • Page 9: Door

    DOOR DOOR REVERSIBILITY Note: The direction of door opening can be changed. If this operation is performed by After-sales Service it is not covered by the warranty. Is recommended to reverse door swing by two persons. Follow instruction in Installation Guide .
  • Page 10: No-Frost Freezer Compartment

    NO-FROST FREEZER COMPARTMENT No Frost freezers provide chilled air circulation Frozen items don’t stick to the walls, labeling stays around the storage areas, and prevent the formation legible and storage space remains neat and clear . of ice, thereby completely eliminating the need for defrosting .
  • Page 11: How To Use The Appliance

    HOW TO USE THE APPLIANCE FIRST TIME USE When the appliance is connected to the power HOW TO START THE APPLIANCE supply, the display lights up and all the icons appear After plugging the appliance to the mains, it starts on the display for approximately 1 second .
  • Page 12: Daily Use

    DAILY USE HOW TO INCREASE FREEZER STORAGE CAPACITY • removing the baskets to allow the storage of big products . • placing the food products directly on the freezer shelves . • removing additional removable accessories . • Do not block the air outlet area (on the back wall •...
  • Page 13 SENSE FRESH This function automatically works Results are outstanding: CONTROL to ensure the optimal conditions to freshness preserved at best throughout preserve the stored food . If there the fridge cavity up to 4 times longer . are any variations, 6 Sense Fresh Control immediately restores the ideal conditions .
  • Page 14 The alarm is activated when: • The Alarm indicator is automatically OVER TEMPERATURE • The appliance is connected to the turned-off as soon as the freezer ALARM power supply after prolonged disuse . compartment reaches a temperature • The freezer compartment below -10°C and the Alarm indicator temperature is too high .
  • Page 15 INSTALLATION OF THE WATER FILTER (ACTIVE CARBON) (Fig . 4) Remove the filter from the balcony Remove the funnel from the filter housing rotating it The water filter is located inside the tank . This filter (Fig 5 . a - b) .
  • Page 16 Then place the whole filter in the bottle balcony and DISPENSING WATER lock it following the sequence in Fig 8 . To dispense water press the paddle with a glass (Fig . and release the paddle to stop dispensing . Fig 10 Fig 11 Note: possible black dots in the filtered water or in filter area are...
  • Page 17 CLEAN THE TANK Wash the tank and the gasket with water only . It is suggested to periodically remove the tank to the end of cleaning, mount the gasket on the water clean it (see Fig 13 and description below) tank .
  • Page 18: Food-Storage Tips

    FOOD-STORAGE TIPS FRIDGE COMPARTMENT The refrigerator is the ideal storage location for ready meals, fresh and preserved food, dairy products, fruit and vegetables and beverage . AIR VENTILATION The natural circulation of air in the refrigerator Insufficient ventilation results in an increase in energy compartment results in zones with different consumption and reduction of the refrigerating temperatures .
  • Page 19 Legend TEMPERATE ZONE Suggested for the storage of tropical fruit, cans, drinks, eggs, sauces, pickles, butter, jam . COOL ZONE Suggested for storage of cheese, milk, dairy food, delicatessen, yogurt . COOLEST ZONE Suggested for the storage of cold cuts, desserts .
  • Page 20 FREEZER COMPARTMENT can be frozen within a 24-hour period is indicated on the rating plate (…kg/24h) . The freezer is the ideal storage location for store If you have a little quantity of food to store in the frozen food, make ice cubes and freeze fresh food in freezer, we recommend to use the coldest areas of the freezer compartment .
  • Page 21 STORAGE TIME OF FROZEN FOOD MEAT STEWS FRUITS months months months Beef 8 - 12 Meat, Poultry 2 - 3 Apples DAIRY PRODUCTS Pork, veal 6 - 9 Apricots Lamb 6 - 8 Butter Blackberries 8 - 12 Rabbit 4 - 6 Cheese Blackcurrants / 8 - 12...
  • Page 22 RECOMMENDATION IN CASE OF NO USE OF THE APPLIANCE ABSENCE / VACATION In case longer absence its recommended to use up food and to disconnect the appliance to save energy . MOVING Take out all internal parts . Screw the adjustable feet so that they do not touch the support surface .
  • Page 23: Cleaning And Maintenance

    CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Before any cleaning or maintenance operation, Do not use steam cleaners . unplug the appliance from the mains or disconnect the electrical power supply . The buttons and control panel display must not be cleaned with alcohol or alcohol-derived substances, Never use abrasives .
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting Guide & After-Sales Service

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE & AFTER-SALES SERVICE BEFORE CONTACTING AFTER-SALES SERVICE . . . Performance problems often result from little things you can find and fix yourself without tools of any kind . FUNCTIONAL SOUNDS Sounds coming from your appliances are normal since it has a number of fans and engines to regulate performances that switch on and off automatically .
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Problem Possible Cause Solution THE APPLIANCE IS NOT WORKING There may be an appliance power › Check if power cable plugged into supply problem . a live socket with the proper voltage . › Check if the protection devices and fuses of the electrical system in your home THERE IS WATER IN THE DEFROST...
  • Page 26: After-Sales Service

    If any repairs are required, please contact an authorised after-sales service (to guarantee that original spare parts will be used and repairs carried out correctly) . Manufacturer: Whirlpool Europe s .r .l . - Socio Unico Viale Guido Borghi 27 21025 Comerio (VA) Italy...
  • Page 27: Installation Guide

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