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Control Panel - Whirlpool BLF 8121 User Manual

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The light system inside the fridge compartment uses LEDs
light, allowing a better lightning as
well as very low energy consumption .
If the LED light system does not work,
please contact the Service to replace
it .
Important: The refrigerator
compartment light switches on when
the refrigerator door is opened .
If the door is kept open for more than 8 minutes the light
will be automatically switched off .
This function automatically works to ensure the optimal
conditions to preserve the stored food . The "6
function is automatically activated when:
a large amount of food is loaded into the refrigerator
the refrigerator door is left open for a long time
a prolonged power failure takes place, causing the
internal temperature of the appliance to increase to
values that cannot guarantee safe storage of food .
The use of the Fast Cooling function is recommended
to increase the cooling capacity of the refrigerator
compartment when placing a very high quantity of food
within it .
To activate the Fast Cooling function, press and hold for 3
seconds the Temperature button on the control panel till all
the 3 LEDs will turn on .
The function is automatically deactivated after 24 hours and
return to previous selected set point .
The function can be manually deactivated by pressing and
holding for 3 seconds the Temperature button on the
control panel .
Note: Fast Cooling function should be also switched ON before
placing fresh food to be frozen in the freezer compartment, in
order to maximize the freezing capacity.
* Available only on certain models
Press the Temperature button on the control panel to
adjust the temperature from the warmest through the
lower to the coldest level . Pressing the Temperature button,
the temperature setting will change cyclically . At first
plug-in of appliance temperature setpoint is present at
medium position (factory setting) . Following table shows
temperature setpoints:
Led on
Led off
Note: Displayed set points correspond to the average
temperature throughout the whole refrigerator.
The Fan improves temperature distribution inside the
refrigerator compartment, allowing better preservation of
stored food . By default, the fan is switched on . To turn off
the fan press the button of fan . Please note that when the
fan is switched on it will not continuously work . The fan will
start/stop working depending on the temperature and/or
humidity level inside the fridge . It is therefore absolutely
normal if the fan does not move even if the fan is switched
on . If the appliance has the Fan it can be equipped with
the antibacterial filter . Remove it from the box placed
in the crisper drawer and insert into the fan cover . The
replacement procedure is included in the filter box .
Remove it from the box placed in the Fruit and vegetable
drawer and insert into the cover of fan . The replacement
procedure is included in the filter box . Replace it every
6 months to ensure optimal protection inside your
refrigerator . Visit the website page or contact consumer
service to purchase the filter .
Place fresh food to be frozen on the shelf in the freezer
compartment, avoiding direct contact with food that is
already frozen . The quantity of fresh food that can be frozen
in 24 hours is written on the rating plate . To freeze fresh
food, place the freezer compartment shelf in the bottom
position .
Use & Care guide
Indicator Leds (to display the
current temperature setpoint or the
Fast Cooling function)
Fast Cooling Button/
Temperature Button
High temp .
Med-high temp .
Medium temp .
Med-low temp .
Low temp .
Fast Cooling

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