Whirlpool BLF 8121 User Manual

Whirlpool BLF 8121 User Manual


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  • Page 1 User Manual www.whirlpool.eu/register...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    USER MANUAL THANK YOU FOR BUYING A WHIRLPOOL PRODUCT. In order to receive a more complete assistance, www.whirlpool.eu/register please register your appliance on INDEX HEALTH & SAFETY GUIDE ..............3 Safety instructions .
  • Page 3: Health & Safety Guide

    Health & Safety guide SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT TO BE READ AND OBSERVED Before using the appliance, read these safety refrigerant circuit pipes . instructions . Keep them nearby for future reference . WARNING: Keep ventilation openings, in the These instructions and the appliance itself provide appliance enclosure or in the built-in structure, clear important safety warnings, to be observed at all of obstruction .
  • Page 4 Health & Safety guide Installation, including water supply (if any) and If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced electrical connections, and repairs must be carried with an identical one by the manufacturer, its service out by a qualified technician . Do not repair or replace agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid any part of the appliance unless specifically stated in a hazard - risk of electric shock .
  • Page 5: Use & Care Guide

    Use & Care guide PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Refrigerator Compartment Fan* Fan cover* Electronic control panel/light unit Shelves Rating plate with commercial name Fruits and vegetables crisper Door reversibility kit Door trays Egg tray* Bottle separator* Bottle balcony* Door seal Freezer Compartment Door seals Freezer drawers Shelves...
  • Page 6: Control Panel

    Use & Care guide CONTROL PANEL Indicator Leds (to display the current temperature setpoint or the Fast Cooling function) Fast Cooling Button/ Temperature Button LED LIGHT TEMPERATURE SETTING The light system inside the fridge compartment uses LEDs Press the Temperature button on the control panel to light, allowing a better lightning as adjust the temperature from the warmest through the well as very low energy consumption .
  • Page 7: Refrigerator Light

    Use & Care guide REFRIGERATOR LIGHT Important: The refrigerator compartment light switches on The light system inside the fridge compartment uses LEDs light, allowing a better lightning as well as very low energy when the refrigerator door is opened . consumption .
  • Page 8: How To Use The Appliance

    Use & Care guide HOW TO USE THE APPLIANCE FIRST TIME USE Wait at least two hours, after the installation, before After turning the appliance on, you must wait for 4-6 hours connecting the appliance to the power supply . for the correct storage temperature to be reached for a Connect the appliance to the power supply it starts the normally filled appliance .
  • Page 9: Freezer Compartment And Food Storage

    Use & Care guide FREEZER COMPARTMENT AND FOOD STORAGE The freezer compartment allows for the storage of To get more volume, the freezer compartment can be used frozen food (for the period indicated on the packaging) and without the freezer drawers . Make sure that the door is closed the freezing of fresh food .
  • Page 10: Storage Times For Home Frozen Foods

    Use & Care guide STORAGE TIMES FOR HOME FROZEN FOODS Product Storage period Butter or margarine 6 months Cheese 3 months Fish 2/3 months Shellfish 1 month Fruits (except citrus) 8-12 months Ice cream or sherbet 2/3 months Meat Ham- sausage 2 months Roasts (beef-pork- lamb) 8/12 months...
  • Page 11: Alarm Table

    Use & Care guide ALARM TABLE Alarm type Signal Cause Cure Door open alarm . Refrigerator Light blinks . The door has remained open Close the door . for more than 5 minutes . Door open alarm . Refrigerator Light OFF . The door has remained open Close the door .
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    Use & Care guide TROUBLESHOOTING What to do if... Possible reasons Solutions The appliance is not There may be an appliance power • Check if power cable plugged into a live socket with the working . supply problem . proper voltage . •...
  • Page 13: After-Sales Service

    (number after the word Service on warranty booklet or follow the instructions on the website the rating plate) . The service number is also indicated on www . whirlpool . eu the guarantee booklet; When contacting our Client After sales service, always specify: •...
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