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Health And Safety Guide; Safety Recommendations - Whirlpool BLF 8001 Health & Safety And Installation Manual

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Health and Safety guide

This manual and the appliance
itself provide important safety
warnings, to be read and
observed at all times .
This is the safety alert symbol .
This symbol alerts you to
potential hazards that can kill
or hurt you and others .
All safety messages will fol-
low the safety alert symbol
and either the word DANGER
or WARNING . These words
Indicates a hazardous situation
which, if not avoided, will
cause serious injury .
Indicates a hazardous situation
which, if not avoided, could
cause serious injury .
All safety warnings give spe-
cific details of the potential risk
presented and indicate how to
reduce risk of injury, damage
and electric shock resulting
from improper use of the
appliance . Carefully observe
the following instructions .
Failure to observe these in-
structions may lead to risks .
The manufacturer cannot be
held liable for any damage
resulting from failure to re-
spect this guide .
The Manufacturer declines any
liability for injury to persons or
animals or damage to property
if the above advice and precau-
tions are not respected .
Keep these instructions close
at hand for future reference .
Do not store explosive sub-
stances such as aerosol cans
and do not place or use gaso-
line or other flammable materi-
als in or near the appliance .
When scrapping the appliance,
make it unusable by cutting off
the power cable and removing
the doors and shelves (if pre-
sent) so that children cannot
easily climb inside and become
trapped .
This appliance does not con-
tain CFCs . The refrigerant
circuit contains R600a (HC) .
Appliances with Isobutane
(R600a): isobutane is a natural
gas without environmental
impact, but is flammable .
Therefore, make sure the
refrigerant circuit pipes are not
damaged . Keep special atten-
tion in case of damaged pipes
emptying the refrigerant
circuit .
C-Pentane is used as blowing
agent in the insulation foam
and it is a flammable gas .
Do not damage the appliance
refrigerant circuit pipes .
Do not use mechanical, electric
or chemical means other than
those recommended by the
Manufacturer to speed up the
defrost process .
Do not use or place electrical
devices inside the appliance
compartments if they are not
of the type expressly author-
ised by the Manufacturer .
Ice makers and or water dis-
pencers not directly connected
to the water supply must be
filled with potable water only .