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Troubleshooting - Whirlpool BLF 8121 User Manual

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What to do if...
The appliance is not
working .
There is water in the
defrost pan .
The edges of the
appliance cabinet,
which come in contact
with the door seal, are
warm to the touch .
The light does not work . The light may need replacing .
The motor seems to run
too much .
The appliance
temperature is too high .
The doors do not open
and close properly .
Possible reasons
There may be an appliance power
supply problem .
This is normal in hot, damp
weather . The pan can even be half
full .
This is not a defect .
This is normal in hot weather and
when the compressor is running .
The appliance may be in On/
Stand-by model .
Motor running time depends on
different things: number of door
openings, amount of food stored,
temperature of the room, setting
of the temperature controls .
There could be various causes (see
"Solutions") .
There could be various causes (see
"Solutions") .
Check if power cable plugged into a live socket with the
proper voltage .
Check if the protection devices and fuses of the electrical
system in your home
Make sure the appliance is level so that the water does
not overflow .
Make sure if the protection devices and fuses of the
electrical system in your home work well .
Check if the power cable is plugged into a live socket
with the proper voltage
In case the LEDs are broken the user must call the Service
for exchange of the same type available only at our After-
sales Service Centers or authorized dealers .
Make sure that the appliance controls are correctly set .
Check if there is not a large amount of food been added
to the appliance .
Check that the door is not opened too often .
Check that the door close properly .
Make sure that the condenser (back the appliance) is free
of dust and fluff .
Make sure that the door properly closed .
Make sure that the door seals properly fitted .
On hot days or if the room is warm, the motor naturally
runs longer .
If the appliance door has been left open for a while or
if large amounts of food have been stored, the motor
will run longer in order to cool down the interior of the
appliance .
Check that food packages are not blocking the door .
Check that the internal parts or automatic ice maker are
not out of position .
Check that the door seals are not dirty or sticky .
Ensure the appliance is level .
Use & Care guide

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