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Basic Rules - Siemens SIMATIC RF 300 System Manual

Rfid systems
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Table of Contents
RF 300 system planning
4.6 EMC Guidelines

Basic rules

It is often sufficient to follow a few elementary rules in order to ensure electromagnetic
compatiblity (EMC). The following rules must be observed when erecting a control cabinet:
Shielding by enclosure
• Protect the programmable logic controller against external interference by installing it in a
• Use metal plates to shield the programmable logic controller against electromagnetic
• Use metal connector housings to shield data conductors.
Laminar ground connection
• Bond all passive metal parts to chassis ground, ensuring large-area and low-HF-
• Establish a large-area connection between the passive metal parts and the central
• Don't forget to include the shielding bus in the chassis ground system. That means the
• Aluminium parts are not suitable for ground connections.
Plan the cable installation
• Break the cabling down into cable groups and install these separately.
• Always route high-voltage and signal cables through separated ducts or in separate
• Feed the cabling into the cabinet from one side only and, if possible, on one level only.
• Route the signal cables as close as possible to chassis surfaces.
• Twist the feed and return conductors of separately installed cables.
Shielding for the cables
• Shield the data cables and connect the shield at both ends.
• Shield the analog cables and connect the shield at one end, e.g. on the drive unit.
• Always apply large-area connections between the cable shields and the shielding bus at
• Feed the connected shield through to the module without interruption.
• Use braided shields, not foil shields.
housing or enclosure. The housing or enclosure must be connected to the chassis
impedance contact.
grounding point.
actual shielding busbars must be connected to ground by large-area contact.
the cabinet inlet and make the contact with clamps.
System Manual, 05/2005, (4)J31069 D0166-U001-A1-7618, --
RF 300


Table of Contents

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