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Field Data Of Transponders And Readers - Siemens SIMATIC RF 300 System Manual

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RF 300 system planning

4.2 Field data of transponders and readers

Field data of transponders and readers
The following table shows the field data for all SIMATIC RF 300 components of transponders
and readers. It facilitates the correct selection of a transponder and reader.
All the technical data listed are typical data and are applicable for an ambient temperature of
between 0 C and +50 °C, a supply voltage of between 22 V and 27 V DC and a metal-free
environment. Tolerances of ±20 % are admissible due to production or temperature
If the entire voltage range at the reader of 20 V DC to 30 V DC and/or the entire temperature
range of transponders and readers is used, the field data are subject to further tolerances.
Field data of all transponders and readers without interference from metal
RF 310-R reader
Length of the transmission window in mm (L)
Width of the transmission window in mm (W)
Working distance in mm (Sa)
Limit distance in mm (Sg)
• A maximum mean deviation of ±2 mm is possible in static mode (without affecting the
• This is reduced by approx. 15 % if the transponder enters the transmission window
Minimum distance from transponder to transponder
RF 310-R
Minimum distance from reader to reader
The minimum distance from RF 310-R to RF 310-R must be at least 400 mm.
Adherence to the values specified in the "Minimum distance from reader to reader" table is
essential. The inductive fields may be affected if the distance is smaller. In this case, the
data transfer time would increase unpredictably or a command would be aborted with an
field data)
laterally (see also "Transmission window" figure)
RF 320-T transponder
RF 320-T transponder
> 100 mm
System Manual, 05/2005, (4)J31069 D0166-U001-A1-7618, --
RF 340-T transponder
30 mm
12 mm
0-12 mm
18 mm
RF 340-T transponder
400 mm
40 mm
16 mm
0-20 mm
30 mm
RF 300


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