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Thermoregulator management controller
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H9=0 => Set point variation with time band disabled.
H9=1 => Set point variation with time band enabled.
When r4=3.0 (preset value) the set point is increased by 3 degrees from the value used before toF, at ton the value of the
set point will be the value set for parameter St.
As the time band set by ton and toF is related to the output auxiliary selected using parameter H8, the corresponding output will
switch on at ton, and will switch off at toF.
Therefore, when H9=1, the following will be true:
- ton : normal set point and selected output on.
- toF : set point + r4 and selected output off .
Default: H9=0 => Function disabled.
rs only.
Hdh: Anti-sweat heater off set
This represents the off set from the set point for the anti-sweat heater function. If Hdh = 0, the anti-sweat heater function is
disabled. The anti-sweat heater function is used to maintain the aux 1 or 2 output, confi gured as the light or aux (H1 or H5= 2,
3, 8, 9) deactivated while the control temperature (virtual probe) is less than 'St' + 'Hdh' when the instrument is fi rst powered up,
the 'HI' 'IA' ' d A 'CHt' 'EE' 'EF' 'rE' alarms are reset.
During the aforementioned alarms, the aux 1 or 2 output, confi gured as above, is deactivated.
The function is active, if the light or aux functions are set to be deactivated when off ,'H1' or 'H5'=8, 9, even when switching the
controller on.
Hdh =0.0 => function disabled (C°)
Hdh =32 => function disabled (°F).
In: select normal, master or slave unit (masked parameter).
The parameter In establishes whether the unit is normal, master or slave. The maximum number of slaves in a sub-network is 5.
• Normal: stand-alone unit
• Master: Master unit. Allows the synchronisation of the defrosts, remote signalling of the light and aux relays and the alarms, and
the downloading of the parameters.
• Slave: Slave unit. Unit part of a local network serving the master.
The following table shows the values of the parameter:
In: 0 = No Master-Slave (normal)
1 = Master
2 = Slave 1
3 = Slave 2
4 = Slave 3
5 = Slave 4
6 = Slave 5
the synchronisation of the multiplexed defrost is activated only on Master and Slave controllers.
Default: In=0 => normal.
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