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Electrolux Premium Quick Reference Manual page 23

Thermoregulator management controller
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d6: Display during defrost
Specifi ed values:
• d6=0 => during the defrost the instrument displays the text dEF alternating with the value read by the probe selected using
parameter /tI. This is to signal that any high temperature values are due to the defrost procedure in progress.
• d6=1 => during the defrost the last temperature shown before the start of the cycle remains on the display. The display
returns to normal when the control temperature reaches the set point, the temperature to be displayed is less than the value
locked on the display or, in any case, after the time set for the "alarm bypass after defrosting" (d8).
• d6=2 => during the defrost the instrument displays the text dEF steady on the display.
in OFF and REVERSE modes, the display is unlocked after the defrost.
Default: d6=1 => during the defrost the last temperature read before the start of the cycle remains on the display, both on the
built-in terminal and on the remote terminal.
dd: Dripping time
This parameter is used to stop (in minutes) the compressor and the evaporator fans after a defrost to facilitate evaporator dripping.
If dd=0 => there is no dripping time, therefore, at the end of the defrost the control functions start immediately. Default: dd=2
Note: if control with two compressor steps is selected (with or without rotation, H1 or H5= 12 or 13) the dripping acts on both steps.
d8: Alarm bypass time after defrost and/or door open
Indicates the time (in hours or minutes) that the high temperature alarm signal is ignored from after the end of a defrost cycle or
from when the door to the cold room is opened, if the Multifunction input is connected to the "door switch" (see parameters A4,
A5 and A9).
parameter ' d 8' can be expressed in hours ' d C1'=0 (default) or minutes ' d C1'=1.
Parameter dC1 is masked and consequently not visible.
Default: d8 =1 hour bypass.
d8d: Open door alarm delay.
This indicates the delay to signal that the door is open, if the multifunction input is connected to the "door switch" (see parameter
' A 4' , ' A 5' or ' A 9'). If ' d 8d'= 0, parameter ' d 8d' is disabled and the open door alarm delay returns to ' d 8' . Default: ' d 8d'=0 disabled.
d9: Defrost priority over compressor protective devices
Ignores the compressor protection times at the start of the defrost. Compressor protection times:
• c1: minimum time between 2 successive starts;
• c2: minimum OFF time;
• c3: minimum operating time.
d9 = 0 the protection times are respected
d9 = 1 the protection times are not respected. Therefore, defrost has higher priority and the compressor times are ignored.
In the hot gas defrost, this is useful to avoid delaying the start of the defrost if the compressor has just stopped and there is a mi-
nimum time between two starts of the compressor. Remember, however, that in this event the maximum number of compressor
starts per hour may not necessarily be respected.
if the defrost requires the activation of the compressor (hot gas defrost) and parameter d9=1, the compressor may risk
being damaged due to an excessive number of close starts.
Default: d9=0 => the defrost respects the compressor times (however by default these are set to zero).
d/1: Defrost probe 1 reading
This parameter is used to display the value measured by defrost probe 1 (on the instruments where this is fi tted), by pressing SET.
If defrost probe 1 is disabled, three horizontal dashes '_ _ _' will be displayed.
d/2: Defrost probe 2 reading
As for parameter d/1 described above, but refers to defrost probe 2.
dC: Time base
Used to modify the measurement unit used to count the times set for parameters dI (defrost interval), dP1 and dP2 (defrost duration).
dC=0 =>dI expressed in hours, dP1 and dP2 in minutes.
dC=1 =>dI expressed in minutes, dP1 and dP2 in seconds.
The parameter dC=1 can be used to test defrost operation at shorter times. In addition, it is useful for using the instrument to
manage air driers. The defrost cycle then becomes the condensate discharge cycle, which must be performed at close intervals
(minutes) and for short durations (seconds).
Default: dC=0 =>dI expressed in hours, dP1 and dP2 in minutes.
d10: Compressor running time
This parameter indicates the compressor operating time in hours, with the temperature below the
threshold indicated by the parameter d11, after which a defrost request is generated. Setting d10=0 disables the function.
if control with two compressor steps is selected (with or without rotation, H1 or H5= 12 or 13) the compressor running
time is only calculated on the fi rst step.
Default: d10=0 => Function disabled.
d11: Running time temperature threshold
This parameter indicates the evaporation temperature below which the compressor must continue to operate for the time d10 in
order to generate a defrost request. Default: d11 =1 => 1°C.
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