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Electrolux Premium Quick Reference Manual page 30

Thermoregulator management controller
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ALF: Antifreeze alarm threshold
Defi nes the temperature value below which the antifreeze alarm is detected, with the message AFr.
The function is active if a probe has been set as an antifreeze probe, /A2, /A3, /A4, /A5= 4 and is delayed by the time set for
parameter AdF.
The antifreeze alarm stops the compressor and activates the alarm relay, if H1 or H5=0, 1, and has manual reset.
The antifreeze alarm stops the compressor (stops cooling operation) and activates the alarm relay, if 'H1'=0, 1 or 'H5'=0, 1.
The alarm is reset manually or from the supervisor.
if control with two compressor steps is selected (with or without rotation, H1 = 12 or 13) the antifreeze alarm acts on both
Default: ALF= -5.0.
AdF: Antifreeze alarm delay.
Sets the delay for detecting the antifreeze alarm.
Default: AdF= 1.
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Ed.1" 08-2014
Allarme "CHt" e off refrigerazione (ripristino manuale)
"AC" - "AE"/2
solo visualizzazione allarme "cht"
(ripristino automatico)
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