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Thermoregulator management controller
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if the room probe is in intake mode, and probe 2 in outlet mode, control can be performed based on the weighted
average of the 2 values read.
The formula used is: probe average (Virtual probe) = [S1 x (100 - P) + (S2 x P)] / 100 where:
S1 = room probe; S2 = probe 2; P = value of the parameter /4.
Virtual probe:
• /4=0 control is performed using the room probe - this is the typical situation;
• /4=100 control is performed in reference to the values read by probe 2;
• /4=50 control refers to a "virtual" probe, calculated based on the average between the room probe and probe 2. With values
above 50, probe 2 has a greater weight in the calculation, vice-versa for values below 50.
in the event of faults or if probe 2 is not enabled, the instrument uses the room probe only. If the fault is on the room
probe, the "Control probe" error is signalled.
Default: /4=0 => control on room probe.
/5: Select °C or °F
Defi nes the unit of measure (degrees Centigrade or degrees Fahrenheit) shown on the display.
/5=0 to operate in degrees Centigrade.
/5=1 to operate in degrees Fahrenheit.
Default: /5=0 => operation in degrees centigrade.
/6: Decimal point
Used to enable or disable the display of the temperature with resolution to the tenth of a degree between -20 and + 20.
the exclusion of the decimal point is active only with reference to the display of the reading on the main and remote
displays, while the parameters are always set to the tenth of a degree.
'/6'=0 the readings are displayed to the tenth of a degree, between -20 and +20 °C;
'/6'=1 all the readings are displayed without the tenths of a degree.
Default: /6 = 0 = > decimal point displayed.
/tI: Probe displayed on instrument
For selecting the probe to be displayed by the instrument.
/tI=1 => virtual probe
/tI=2 => probe 1
/tI=3 => probe 2
/tI=4 => probe 3
/tI=5 => probe 4
/tI=6 => probe 5
/tI=7 => set point
• control is always based on the virtual control probe;
• if the probe to be displayed has not been enabled, the display will show the message '___' .
Default: /tI=1 => Virtual probe.
/tE: Probe displayed on external terminal
Selects the probe to be displayed on the remote terminal.
/tE=0 => remote terminal not present
/tE=1 => virtual probe;
/tE=2 => probe 1;
/tE=3 => probe 2;
/tE=4 => probe 3;
/tE=5 => probe 4;
/tE=6 => probe 5.
Control is always based on the virtual control probe;
If the probe to be displayed has not been enabled, the display will show the message '___';
If the probe to be displayed is faulty, the display will show the message '___';
If the terminal is not present, the display will remain completely dark.
Default: /tE=0 => Remote terminal not present.
/P: Select type of probe
Used to select the type of probe used for the measurements.
/P=0 => NTC standard with range -50T90 °C
/P=1 => NTC with extended range -40T150 °C
/P=2 => PTC standard with range -50T150°C
For correct readings from the PTC probes, the hardware must be prepared to accept PTC readings (as well as NTC).
Note: all models in the ir33 range manage NTC probes with extended range (models HT).
Default: '/P'=0 => NTC standard with range -50T90 °C
Available on all models fi tted with NTC inputs.
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