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Instrument Programming; Modifying Parameters - Electrolux Premium Quick Reference Manual

Thermoregulator management controller


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Operation parameters, completely modifi able from front keypad. Access to these is protected by a password that prevents random changes or modifi cations by
unauthorised persons.
Accessing parameters (confi guration):
1. press the PRG and SET buttons together for more than 5 seconds and the display will show "00", password required;
2. use the buttons  or  to scroll the numbers until displaying "11" (Password for accessing parameters);
3. confi rming with SET, the fi rst modifi able parameter will appear on the display.

Modifying parameters

After displaying the parameter, proceed as follows:
1. use the buttons  or  to scroll the parameters to the one to be modifi ed. Scrolling is accompanied by lighting up of an icon on the display, representing the
parameter category. Alternatively, press the PRG button to display a menu of the categories or parameters for quickly accessing the family of parameters to be
2. scroll the menu with the buttons  and  and the codes of the various parameter categories (see "Summary of operation parameters") are displayed, together
with lighting up of the corresponding icon (if present);
3. on accessing the category, press SET to go straight to the fi rst parameter of the selected category (if no parameter is visible, pressing the SET button will
have no eff ect);
4. it is possible to continue consulting the parameters or return to the categories menu with the PRG button;
5. press SET to display the value associated with the parameter;
6. increase or decrease the value respectively with the buttons  and ;
7. press SET to temporarily save the new value and return to the display of the parameter. Repeat the procedure from step 1 or step 2;
8. if the parameter has subparameters, press SET to display the fi rst subparameter;
9. press the buttons  or  to view all the subparameters;
10. press SET to display the associated value;
11. increase or decrease the value respectively with the buttons  or ;
12. press SET to temporarily save the new value and return to the display of the subparameter code;
13. press PRG to return to the display of the parent parameter.
Saving new values assigned to parameters
To permanently save the values of the modifi ed parameters, press the PRG button for more than
dure. It is possible to cancel all the parameter modifi cations, temporarily stored in RAM, and return to "normal operation" by not pressing any button for 60 seconds,
thus allowing the parameter modifi cation session to expire for TIMEOUT.
If the modifi cation session expires for timeout, the parameters will not be not restored.
If the power to the instrument is switched off before pressing the PRG button, all changes made to the parameters and temporarily saved will be lost.
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Ed.1" 08-2014
seconds, thus exiting the parameter modifi cation proce-
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560001 EG


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