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  • Page 1 Quick reference manual Thermoregulator Management controller Premium & Standard Standard Model Model for Ecostore Premium CONTENTS Page Description Buttons Icons Programming 5 to 7 Parameters view 8 to 9 Service/ Temperature alarms Defrost algorithm 11 to 14 Spare part code of controller...
  • Page 2: Description Of Buttons

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF INSTRUMENT Description of buttons PREMIUM PREMIUM Standard Control Description 1. ON/OFF 2. History button 3. Programming confi rmation button 4. Light button 5. Temperatura/Programming button 6. Temperature decrease /Turbo cooling button 7. Temperature increase/Manual defrost button 8. Umidity button Page:2 Ed.1"...
  • Page 3: Description Of Icons

    Description of Icons Premium Standard Control NORMAL FUNCTIONING DESCRIPTION ICON FUNCTION BLINK COMPRESSOR Compressor on Compressor off Awaiting activation ON when the compressor starts. Flashes when the activation of the compressor is delayed by safety times. ON when the fan starts.Flashes when the activation of the fan is...
  • Page 4: Instrument Programming

    INSTRUMENT PROGRAMMING Operation parameters, completely modifi able from front keypad. Access to these is protected by a password that prevents random changes or modifi cations by unauthorised persons. Accessing parameters (confi guration): 1. press the PRG and SET buttons together for more than 5 seconds and the display will show "00", password required; 2.
  • Page 5: Default Parameters

    Classifi cation of parameters As well as being divided according to TYPE, the parameters are grouped into logical CATEGORIES identifi ed by the initial symbols or letters. Given below are the existing categories with respective letters. Parameters Category Text Icon Temperature probe management parameters Temperature control parameters Compressor safety time and activation parameters...
  • Page 6 PARAMETRI RELATIVI ALLA GESTIONE DELLO SBRINAMENTO\PARAMETERS RELEVANT TO DEFROST MANAGEMENT d d 0 Tipo di defrost r f e t s o 4 . . . g a l Intervallo tra i defrost r e t l a v e w t o r f s t s 2 …...
  • Page 7 A A CS a i l t i d t a r e r u r a l l e l C a l A e l C o p t t n i . . . 0 2 + . C/ F Ritardo allarme alta temperatura condensatore Alarm Clean differential...
  • Page 8 ACd.( differential) or pressing the button Prg. LED LIGHT CE ALARM With the LED lamp disconnected, the display will show the message (in Premium models only) ce in sequence of temperature. This happens when the lamp is disconnected or damaged.
  • Page 9: Manual Defrost

    SERVICE ALARMS AND SIGNALLING To manually activate a defrost cycle it is necessary to keep the tem- MANUAL DEFROST perature decrease button pressed for at least 3 seconds. The display shows the message dFb/defrost start for a few seconds and the icon signalling activation of the defrost cycle lights up. Defrost can be manually stopped by pressing the DEF/decrease tem- DFb dFE perature button again for at least 3 seconds.
  • Page 10: Temperature Alarm

    When the time set on parameter is expired, the alarm appear on the display, following from buzzer signaling and the red light on blinking , (premium model only). The alarm disappear when the door is closed. The buzzer is off pressing the icon on display.
  • Page 11: Defrost Algorithm

    Algoritmo defrost/defrost algorithm Ecostore ONLY Defrost Defrost management has in principle the same features of the current FW: however, as the evaporator probe is not present, defrost will be managed by counting working hours of the compressor and will end for timeout. A programmed defrost will be done every defined number (parameter dF0) of working hours.
  • Page 12 SPC = 093438 used on Mass dual temp SLAVE freezer and refrigera- 4 relay ( 16A-8A -8A-8A) Factory code 646R10602 SPC = 093437 used on Premium all and as Master on dual tempera- ture 4 relay ( 16A-8A -8A-8A) Page:12 Ed.1" 08-2014 560001 EG From ser.
  • Page 13 Factory code 646R11401 SPC = 093439 used on Premium as Slave on dual temperature 4 relay ( 16A-8A -8A-8A) Factory code 648R05000 SPC = 093389 used on Premium dual doors and Super premium Factory code 648R05500 SPC = 093388 used on Premium one doors...
  • Page 14 Factory code 646R11500 SPC = 0TH303 used on all Cabinets and couters all range asia sb line with power supply to Page:14 Ed.1" 08-2014 560001 EG From ser. no.: Doc. No:...
  • Page 15: Temperature Probe Management Parameters

    7. DESCRIPTION OF THE OPERATING PARAMETERS 7.1 Temperature probe management parameters Code Parameter Models Type Def. Password MSYF Measurement stability MSYF Probe display response MSYF Virtual probe MSYF Select °C or °F MSYF fl ag Decimal point MSYF fl ag Display on internal terminal MSYF Display on external terminal...
  • Page 16 Example: if the room probe is in intake mode, and probe 2 in outlet mode, control can be performed based on the weighted average of the 2 values read. The formula used is: probe average (Virtual probe) = [S1 x (100 - P) + (S2 x P)] / 100 where: S1 = room probe;...
  • Page 17 /A2: Confi guration of probe 2 Used to confi gure the operating mode of probe 2. /A2= 0 => probe 2 absent /A2= 1 => product probe (used for display only) /A2= 2 => defrost probe /A2= 3 => condenser probe /A2 = 4 =>...
  • Page 18 Note: • the step associated with the aux 1 or 2 output is only associated with the protection timer c0, while the step associated with the compressor (in both direct and reverse operation) is associated with the timers c0, c1, c2, c3. As a result, the steps may be active at the same time due to the protectors associated with the compressor step (minimum on time), as well as the unit defrost status;...
  • Page 19 7.3 Compressor management parameters accensione strumento power ON Code Parametro Models U.M. Type Min Def. richiesta di intervento Compressor, fan and AUX start delay on power up in dead zone -SYF insertion request Minimum time between successive starts -SYF Minimum compressor OFF time -SYF compressore compressors...
  • Page 20 cc: Continuous cycle duration This is the time (in hours) during which the compressor operates continuously to lower the temperature, even below the set point. With cc=0 => the continuous cycle is disabled. The controller exits the continuous cycle procedure after the time set for parame- ter cc has elapsed, or upon reaching the minimum specifi ed temperature (see the minimum temperature alarm, parameter AL).
  • Page 21 7.4 Defrost management parameters Code Parameter Model Type Def. Type of defrost -SYF fl ag Interval between defrosts -SYF hours End defrost temperature, evaporator -SYF °C/°F End defrost temperature, aux evap. -SYF °C/°F End defrost temperature, evap. probe 3 -SYF °C/°F Maximum defrost duration, evaporator -SYF...
  • Page 22 dt2: end defrost temperature set point, auxiliary evaporator dt2 acts in the same way as parameter dt1 described above, but referring to the auxiliary evaporator. Note for dt1 and dt2: in the defrost by temperature, the parameter establishes the threshold for activating or deactivating the corresponding defrost relay.
  • Page 23 d6: Display during defrost Specifi ed values: • d6=0 => during the defrost the instrument displays the text dEF alternating with the value read by the probe selected using parameter /tI. This is to signal that any high temperature values are due to the defrost procedure in progress. •...
  • Page 24 d12: Advanced auto-adapting defrosts This parameter is used to enable and disable the advanced defrost function, as per the following table: Skip defrost Automatic variation of dI Disabled Disabled Disabled Enabled Enabled Disabled Enabled Enabled Tab. 7.f Default: d12 =0 => Both the functions are disabled. dn: Nominal defrost duration This indicates the average duration of the defrost in normal operating conditions.
  • Page 25 Warnings for using the continuous cycle The low temperature alarm is also used in the continuous cycle (see the description of parameter cc’ . In fact, if the temperature falls to the alarm level, the continuous cycle is stopped automatically, even if the selected time has not yet elapsed.
  • Page 26 the delayed external alarm is thus signal-only. • both the immediate and delayed external alarm have automatic reset; • if more than one digital input is confi gured as the delayed alarm, the alarm will be generated when at least one of the inputs is open; •...
  • Page 27 • light OFF; • the temperature alarms are enabled; • the temperature alarm delay d8 is set. If after the door is fi rst closed the light is switched off manually, the controller resumes normal operation. Note: 1. if the light was previously switched on manually, when the door is closed for the second time, it is automatically switched off ; 2.
  • Page 28 The digital input is used to read a light sensor (actually an analogue input, from which a digital signal is taken using the parameter or threshold of the light sensor). The light sensor may be located: • in the door stop, •...
  • Page 29 The fans continue to be managed according to the set parameters (see category F). If duty setting for the probe alarm (parameter c4) is also active, the controller uses the value of A6. Note: if control with two compressor steps is selected (with or without rotation, H1, H5 = 12 or 13), the stop compressor acts on both steps.
  • Page 30 ALF: Antifreeze alarm threshold Defi nes the temperature value below which the antifreeze alarm is detected, with the message AFr. The function is active if a probe has been set as an antifreeze probe, /A2, /A3, /A4, /A5= 4 and is delayed by the time set for parameter AdF.
  • Page 31 7.6 Fan management parameters Code Parameter Models Type Min Def. Fan management ---F fl ag Fan start temperature ---F °C/°F Fan OFF with compressor OFF ---F fl ag Fans in defrost ---F fl ag Fan OFF after dripping ---F Condenser fan stop temperature MSYF °C/°F Condenser fan start diff erential...
  • Page 32: General Confi Guration Parameters

    • off : F4. In the event of condenser probe errors, the condenser fan output, if selected, is activated. ON ventole Important: If no condenser probe is selected, the condenser fan output, if selected, is disabled. Default: F4=40.0 degrees. F5: Condenser fan start diff erential temp.
  • Page 33 H2: Disable keypad and/or remote control Parameter ‘H2’ can be used to inhibit some functions relating to the use of the keypad, for example, the modifi cation of the parameters and the set point if the unit is accessible to the public. The following options are available: Parameter “H2”...
  • Page 34 H9=0 => Set point variation with time band disabled. H9=1 => Set point variation with time band enabled. Note: When r4=3.0 (preset value) the set point is increased by 3 degrees from the value used before toF, at ton the value of the set point will be the value set for parameter St.
  • Page 35 8. ALARMS AND SIGNALS 8.1 Summary table of alarms and signals: display, buzzer and relay The following table describes the alarms and signals on the controller, with their description, the status of the buzzer, the alarm relay and the reset mode. Code Icon on the display Alarm relay...
  • Page 36 8.2 Table of alarms and signals: functions enabled/disabled The following table highlights the functions that are enabled and disabled in the various alarm situations. Code PD valve Compressor Defrost Evap. fans Cond. fans Continuous cycle Duty setting (c4) Duty setting (c4) unchanged unchanged unchanged...
  • Page 37 NOTE: Page:37 Ed.1" 08-2014 560001 EG From ser. no.: Doc. No.:...

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