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Thermoregulator management controller
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The fans continue to be managed according to the set parameters (see category F). If duty setting for the probe alarm (parameter
c4) is also active, the controller uses the value of A6.
if control with two compressor steps is selected (with or without rotation, H1, H5 = 12 or 13), the stop compressor acts on
both steps.
Default: A6=0 => compressor OFF in the event of external alarms.
A7: Delay in detecting the external alarm (multifunction input)
Establishes the delay (in minutes) in detecting an external alarm, if selected as a delayed external alarm (A4, A5=2) or the signal
of the low pressure (LP) alarm).
if A7= 0, in the event of delayed alarms from digital input (A4 or A5 or A9= 2), the controller does not act on the control
A8: Enable signals Ed1 and Ed2
The alarms Ed1 and Ed2 signal the end of the defrost due to maximum duration of the defrost time dP1/dP2 and can be disabled
by setting A8=0. The warnings Ed1 and Ed2, if enabled, are cancelled at the start of the following defrost or can be reset manually
by pressing the
and AUX buttons for more than 5 seconds. Default: A8=0 => warnings Ed1 and Ed2 disabled.
Ac: Condenser high temperature alarm
If a probe is set as the condenser probe, the condenser temperature can be monitored to signal the high temperature alarm,
probably due to obstruction or fouling. If the condenser temperature is > Ac+ (AE/2), the pre-alarm is signalled, displaying the
alarm message cht. If in the pre-alarm situation, the condenser temperature falls to < Ac, the pre-alarm is reset and the signal
cht is cancelled. If the condenser temperature increases to > Ac + AE, the alarm CHt is activated and the compressor is stopped.
This alarm is delayed by the time Acd, from when the alarm threshold AC is exceeded. The alarm can only be reset manually. In the
event of a condenser probe fault, the alarm and pre-alarm are activated.
if control with two compressor steps is selected (with or without rotation, H1= 12 or 13) the high condenser temperature
alarm acts on both steps.
1. if no condenser probe is selected, the condensing temperature alarm and pre-alarm are disabled.
2. the condenser fans can be controlled in on/off mode; for this function, refer to parameters F4 and F5.
Default: Ac=70.0 degrees.
AE: High condenser temperature alarm diff erential
This is the diff erential used for activation of the high condenser temperature alarm and control of the condenser fans.
Default: AE=5.0.
Acd: Condenser high temperature alarm delay
The parameter Acd can be used to set a delay on the activation of the condenser high temperature alarm. When the threshold
Ac + AE is exceeded, the alarm delay timer is started. If, when the delay time Acd has elapsed, the temperature is still above the
threshold, the alarm CHt is activated.
If the condensing temperature falls below Ac, the timer is reset and the alarm CHt is not displayed.
Default: Acd=0 => 0 minutes, immediate high condenser temperature alarm.
AF: Light sensor OFF time
Used to manage the light sensor, connected to a digital input, as:
AF= 0
sensor in the door stop
AF> 0
sensor inside the cold room or cabinet
When AF=0 the inside light is switched on when the sensor detects light, and is switched off when the sensor detects darkness.
The light is switched off for a minimum of 3 seconds, so as to avoid close successive impulses of the light relay.
the sensor must be positioned so as to detect darkness when the door is closed.
When AF>0, the inside light is switched on when the sensor detects light. After a time in seconds equal to AF, the light is
switched off for 5 seconds to check if the door has been closed. If darkness is detected, the inside light remains OFF, but if light is
detected, the inside light is switched back on (after a
minimum time of 3 seconds) and the same cycle starts again. Default: AF = 0.
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