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Items Supplied; How To Use; Operation - Silvercrest SSM 250 B1 Operating Instructions Manual

Smoothie blender
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~ Do not operate the device when it is
empty, as this causes the motor to over-
heat and may result in it being dam-
~ The device is designed for a maximum
operating time of 20 seconds without in-
terruption. After this, the device must re-
main switched off until it has cooled
down to room temperature.
~ Only use the original accessories.
~ The device (housing, motor unit, power
cable with mains plug) is not dishwash-
er safe.
~ Do not use any astringent or abrasive
cleaning agents.
~ The device is fitted with non-slip plastic
bases. As furniture is coated with a
wide array of varnishes and synthetics,
and is also treated with different care
products, it cannot be fully ruled out that
some of these materials contain ingredi-
ents that could attack and soften the
non-slip plastic bases. If necessary,
place a non-slip mat under the device.

4. Items supplied

1 Smoothie Blender
1 Blade assembly|4
1 Spill tray|12
3 Blender jug|6/8: maximum volume ap-
prox. 390, 290 and 180 ml (cleaning jug)
2 Lids with drink opening|11
1 Set of operating instructions

5. How to use

• Remove all packing material.
• Check to ensure that all parts are pres-
ent and undamaged.
• Clean the device prior to its first
use! (see "Cleaning" on page 8)
• Place the device on a dry, level, non-slip

6. Operation

DANGER! Risk of electric
shock! Only plug the mains plug|7
into the wall socket when the Smooth-
ie Blender is completely assembled.
DANGER! Risk of injury from
~ Under no circumstances should the de-
vice be operated without the blender
~ The blades of the blade assembly|4 are
sharp. Handle it with care.
~ The blades of the blade assembly carry
on rotating after the device has been
switched off. Wait until the blades have
come to a standstill before you remove
the blender jug.
WARNING! In order to prevent damage to
the device, interrupt the blending process
immediately if the blades of the blade as-
sembly|4 rotate with difficulty or not at all.
In this case, pull out the mains plug|7 and
check whether there is an obstruction in the
blender jug|6.
Application area
The Smoothie Mixer is intended solely for
blending whole fruit drinks (smoothies) and
crushing small quantities of ice.

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Table of Contents

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