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Cleaning - Silvercrest SSM 250 B1 Operating Instructions Manual

Smoothie blender
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7. Cleaning

Clean the device prior to its first use!
DANGER! Risk of electric shock!
~ Pull out the mains plug|7 from the wall
socket before cleaning the Smoothie
~ The motor unit|1, the housing|3, the pow-
er cable and the mains plug|7 must not
be immersed in water or other liquids.
DANGER! Risk of injury from
When washing manually, the water should
be sufficiently clear for you to see the blade
assembly|4 easily.
WARNING! Risk of material damage!
Do not use any astringent or abrasive clean-
ing agents.
The following parts can be cleaned in the
dish washer:
the blender jug|6/8 and its lid|11,
the spill tray|12.
After every use
Preferably clean the device after each use
and remove all food residues from the blade
1. Fill the cleaning jug|8 with clear water
and, if necessary, a little detergent.
Then rinse with clear water.
2. Operate the device as described
(Chapter "Operation" on page 6).
3. Disconnect the mains plug|7 from the
wall socket.
4. Pivot the motor unit|1 upwards. If there
are still bit of food (e.g. fruit cores) on
the sealing ring|14, wipe it down with
kitchen roll in order to ensure its seal-
ing function. If necessary, perform an
intensive cleaning (see below).
5. Wipe the housing|3, motor unit|1 and
the power cable|7 with a damp cloth if
necessary. Dry with a dry cloth.
6. The rest of the parts can be cleaned
with warm water and some detergent.
7. Allow all parts to dry completely before
you put them away or use the device
Intensive cleaning
If food residues can no longer be removed
by using the cleaning blender jug, the blade
assembly should be removed from the de-
vice and should be cleaned separately.
1. Pull out the mains plug|7.
2. If necessary, pull the blender jug|6 anti-
clockwise and pull it down and off the
blade assembly|4.
3. Rotate the motor unit|1 right to the top
until it locks into place in this position.
4. Figure D: turn the rim of the blade as-
sembly|4 in a clockwise direction until
the arrow symbol shows to the opened
lock|13 and pull it up and off the mo-
tor unit|1.
5. Clean the blade assembly with warm
water and a little detergent.
6. Let the blade assembly dry completely.
7. Place the blade assembly|4 on the motor
unit|1. The arrow symbol shows to the
opened lock|13.
8. Turn the blade assembly until the arrow
symbol shows to the closed lock. The
blade assembly is now correctly mount-
ed again.

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Table of Contents

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