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Storage; Disposal; Trouble-Shooting; Recipes - Silvercrest SSM 250 B1 Operating Instructions Manual

Smoothie blender
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Table of Contents

8. Storage

DANGER for children! Keep the
device out of the reach of children.
DANGER! In order to avoid acci-
dents, the mains plug|7 must never
be connected to a wall socket while
in storage.
• Select a location where neither high
temperatures nor moisture can affect the

9. Disposal

The symbol showing a wheel-
ie bin crossed through indi-
cates that the product requires
separate refuse collection in
the European Union. This ap-
plies to the product and all ac-
cessories marked with this symbol. Products
identified with this symbol may not be dis-
carded with normal household waste, but
must be taken to a collection point for recy-
cling electric and electronic appliances. Recy-
cling helps to reduce the consumption of raw
materials and protect the environment.
When disposing of the packaging, make
sure you comply with the environmental reg-
ulations applicable in your country.

10. Trouble-shooting

If your device fails to function as required,
please try this checklist first. Perhaps there is
only a minor problem, and you can solve it
DANGER! Risk of electric
shock! Do not attempt to repair the
device yourself under any circum-
Possible causes /
• Has the device been
connected to the power
• Check the connection.
No function
• Is the blade assembly|4
mounted properly?
• Has the blender jug|6
been engaged properly?
Blade assem-
• Switch off immediately,
bly|4 is turning
pull out mains plug|7
with difficulty
and check:
or not at all
Blockage in the vessel?
• Is the quantity of ingre-
Liquids are
dients filled into the
running out
blender jug too large?

11. Recipes

CAUTION: depending on the hardness
and consistency of the ingredients in the
blender jug|6, do not fill it to the maximum;
otherwise the blade assembly|4 could be-
come clogged.
NOTE: If you want to use ice to blend a cool
smoothie we recommend using crushed ice.
Peach Banana Smoothie
• 1/2 banana (peeled)
• 2 peach halves (peeled and pitted)
• 50 ml grapefruit juice
• 1 squirt of lemon juice
1. Wash the fruit and remove the peels
and pips.
2. Cut the fruit into pieces.
3. Place the ingredients in the blender jug
and blend them.

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Table of Contents

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