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Installation; Mounting Vertical Units; Mounting Horizontal Units - Bosch EP015 Installation And Maintenance Manual

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Remove shipping block under blower housing.
Loosen compressor mounting bolts.
The installer should comply with all local codes
and regulations which govern the installation of
this type of equipment. Local codes and
regulations take precedence over any
recommendations contained in these instructions.
In lieu of local codes, the equipment should be
installed in accordance with the recommendations
made by the National electric code, and in
accordance with the recommendations made by
the National Board of Fire Underwriters. All local
seismic codes for seismic restraint of equipment,
piping, and duct work shall be strictly adhered to.


Vertical units up to 6 tons are available in left- or
right-hand return air configurations. Vertical units
should be mounted level on a vibration absorbing
pad slightly larger than the base to minimize
vibration transmission to the building structure. It is
not necessary to anchor the unit to the floor. (See
Figure #1).
If the unit is located in a confined space such as a
closet, provisions must be made for return air to
freely enter the space.
Figure #1 – Vertical unit on vibration pad


While horizontal units may be installed on any
level surface strong enough to hold their weight,
they are typically suspended above a ceiling by
threaded rods. The rods are usually attached to
the unit corners by hanger bracket kits (P/N 930-008).
(See Figure #2). The rods must be securely
anchored to the ceiling. Refer to the hanging
bracket assembly and installation instructions for
details. Horizontal units installed above the
ceiling must conform to all local codes. An
auxiliary drain pan if required by code should be at
least four inches larger than the bottom of the
heat pump. Plumbing connected to the heat pump
must not come in direct contact with joists,
trusses, walls, etc.
Figure #2 – Typical horizontal unit hanging bracket
Some applications require an attic floor installa-
tion of the horizontal unit. In this case the unit
should be set in a full size secondary drain pan on
top of a vibration absorbing mesh. The secondary
drain pan prevents possible condensate overflow
or water leakage damage to the ceiling. The
secondary drain pan is usually placed on a ply-
wood base isolated from the ceiling joists by
additional layers of vibration absorbing mesh. In
both cases, a 3/4" drain connected to this second-
ary pan should be run to an eave and able to drain
to a location that will be noticeable. If the unit is
located in a crawl space, the bottom of the unit
must be at least 4" above grade to prevent flood-
ing of the electrical parts due to heavy rains.
Locate the heat pump unit in an area that provides
sufficient room to make water and electrical
Subject to change without prior notice
Revised 12-13

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Table of Contents

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