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Unit Start-Up; Maintenance; In-Warranty Material Return - Bosch EP015 Installation And Maintenance Manual

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Unit Start-Up


When contacting your Representative for service
or replacement parts, refer to the model and serial
number of the unit as stamped on the data plate
attached to the unit.
Material may be returned to the factory only with
permission of an authorized factory representative. A
"Warranty Return Material" tag must be attached to
the returned material. Assure that all of the
information as called for on the tag is filled out
completely and accurately to expedite handling and
insure prompt issuance of credits.
Freight charges for all items returned to the factory
shall be prepaid. The return of the part does not
constitute an order for a replacement. Therefore, a
purchase order must be entered through your
nearest representative. The order shall include the
part number, model number, and serial number of
the unit involved. If the part is within the warranty
period, and after our inspection of the returned part
proves that the failure is due to faulty material or
workmanship a credit or replacement part will be
Parts returned without a completed "Warranty
Return Material" tag will not be credited.
Revised 12-13
Subject to change without prior notice


1. Filter changes or cleanings are required at regular
intervals. The time period between filter changes
will depend upon type of environment the
equipment is used in. In a single family home,
that is not under construction, changing or
cleaning the filter every 60 days may be sufficient.
In other applications such as motels, where daily
vacuuming produces a large amount of lint, filter
changes may be need to be as frequent as
biweekly. See unit specifications for replacement
filter sizes. Note that horizontal units containing
two filters are taped together at the factory to
facilitate removal. This should be done by end
user as new filters are installed.
Operating the unit with improper line voltage
or with excessive phase imbalance is hazard-
ous to the unit and constitutes abuse and is
not covered under warranty.
2. An annual "checkup" is recommended by a
licensed refrigeration mechanic. Recording the
performance measurements of volts, amps, and
water temperature differences (both heating and
cooling) is recommended. This data should be
compared to the information on the unit's data
plate and the data taken at the original startup of
the equipment.
3. The condensate drain should be checked
annually by cleaning and flushing to insure proper
4. Periodic lockouts almost always are caused by air
or water flow problems. The lockout (shutdown)
of the unit is a normal protective measure in the
design of the equipment. If continual lockouts
occur call a mechanic immediately and have them
check for: water flow problems, water
temperature problems, air flow problems or air
temperature problems. Use of the pressure and
temperature charts for the unit may be required
to properly determine the cause.
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Table of Contents

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