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Mb 31-1 Mainboard; Sti5100 (Ic101) - Hitachi HDR081 Service Manual

Digital set top box
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16mb31-1 Mainboard

STI5100 (IC101)

1. Introduction
The STi5100 is a low-cost Omega2 (The STBus multipath unified interconnect provides high on-
chip bandwidth and low latency accesses between modules. The interconnect operates hierarchically, with
latency-critical modules placed at the top level. The multipath router allows simultaneous access paths
between modules, and simultaneous read and write phases from different transactions to and from the
modules. Split transactions maximize the use of the available bandwidth.) MPEG device that delivers high
performance and integrates features that provide an overall system cost reduction. The device implements
a fully unified DDR SDRAM based memory architecture and integrates the Omega2 video decoder cell
together with a blitter engine and a multichannel DMA controller to provide enhanced performance for
graphics and real-time stream transfers.
DVR applications are supported by a dual-stream deMUX and using an HDD connected either to
the FMI or USB 2.0 port.The STi5100 includes transport stream routing and strobe decoding logic for
DVB-CI and CableCard (formerly known as POD) modules to reduce implementation cost.
2. Technical Specification
• Features
• Enhanced ST20 32-bit VL-RISC CPU
243MHz, 8Kbyte ICache, 8Kbyte DCache, 4Kbyte SRAM
• Unified Memory Interface
• Dual Transport Stream Merger
Supports DVB and DIRECTV .
Integrated DES-ECB, DVB and ICAMdescramblers
NDS RASP compliant
Low cost DVB-CI and Cable Card support
• MPEG-2 MP@ML Video Decoder
Trick modes including smooth fast forward andrewind
• Audio
MPEG-1 layers I/II, MP3
Dolby . Digital decoding
Dolby Pro Logic . compatible output
PCM input, mixing and sample rate conversion
SRS/TruSurrondXT . virtual surround sound
Simultaneous MPEG audio decode and outputof Dolby streams
• Graphics/Display
4 display planes
2, 4 and 8 bpp CLUT graphics, 256 x 30 bits(AYCBCr) CLUT entries
16 bpp true color graphics
Alpha blending, antialiasing, antiflutter,antiflicker filters
• PAL/NTSC/SECAM encoder
RGB, CVBS, Y/C and YUV outputs with 10-bitDACs
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