Hy29Lv320 32 Mbit (2M X 16) Low Voltage Flash Memory (Ic1) - Hitachi HDR081 Service Manual

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HY29LV320 32 Mbit (2M x 16) Low Voltage Flash Memory (IC1)

Low Voltage Single Supply Flash Memory
Single Power Supply Operation
– Read, program and erase operations from 2.7 to 3.6 volts
– Ideal for battery-powered applications
_ High Performance
– 70, 80, 90 and 120 ns access time versions for full voltage range operation
_ Ultra-low Power Consumption (Typical/ Maximum Values)
– Automatic sleep/standby current: 0.5/5.0 µA
– Read current: 9/16 mA (@ 5 MHz)
– Program/erase current: 20/30 mA
_ Top and Bottom Boot Block Versions
– Provide one 8 KW, two 4 KW, one 16 KW and sixty-three 32 KW sectors
_ Secured Sector
– An extra 128-word, factory-lockable sector available for an Electronic Serial Number and/or additional
secured data
_ Sector Protection
– Allows locking of a sector or sectors to prevent program or erase operations within that sector
– Temporary Sector Unprotect allows changes in locked sectors
_ Fast Program and Erase Times (typicals)
– Sector erase time: 0.5 sec per sector
– Chip erase time: 32 sec
– Word program time: 11 µs
– Accelerated program time per word: 7 µs
_ Automatic Erase Algorithm Preprograms and Erases Any Combination of Sectors or the Entire
_ Automatic Program Algorithm Writes and Verifies Data at Specified Addresses
_ Compliant With Common Flash Memory Interface (CFI) Specification
– Flash device parameters stored directly on the device
– Allows software driver to identify and use a variety of current and future Flash products
_ Minimum 100,000 Write Cycles per Sector
_ Compatible With JEDEC standards
– Pinout and software compatible with single-power supply Flash devices
– Superior inadvertent write protection
_ Data# Polling and Toggle Bits
– Provide software confirmation of completion of program and erase operations
_ Ready/Busy (RY/BY#) Pin
– Provides hardware confirmation of completion of program and erase operations
_ Write Protect Function (WP#/ACC pin)
- Allows hardware protection of the first or last 32 KW of the array, regardless of sector protect status
_ Acceleration Function (WP#/ACC pin)
- Provides accelerated program times
_ Erase Suspend/Erase Resume
– Suspends an erase operation to allow reading data from, or programming data to, a sector that is not
being erased
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