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Before You Start Washing - Hitachi SF-P90XA Operating & Installation Instructions Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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Preparation of
the laundry
Sorting the
Detergents and

Before You Start Washing

Remove any foreign objects (coins, safety pins, etc.).
Put delicate clothes (knits, lingerie, etc.) in a net.
Remove large lumps of lint, mud, sand, hair, and pet hair from laundry.
Tie strings and close fasteners.
Sort laundry according to the type of fabric and care label symbols
(cottons, blended fabrics, synthetics, wool, hand washable items, etc.).
Do not wash extremely small loads, such as only a pair of jeans.
The clothes may become off balance and cause abnormal vibration
during the spin cycle.
Separate colored and white items.
Risk of injury!
Do not wash the following items, through which water does not fl ow
easily, because doing so creates abnormal vibration during the spin cycle
and could cause injury or malfunction.
– Waterproof items, such as a wet suit, ski suit, shower curtain, etc.
– Items with non-slip rubber backing, such as door mats.
– Cushions, pillows, shoes, etc.
Use an appropriate amount of detergent according to the water level on
the washing machine.
The type and amount of detergent depend on the type of fabric,
volume, load size, degree of soiling, and hardness of the water used.
Use less detergent if:
– The load is small.
– The laundry is not very dirty.
Too much detergent can result in excess foam, which reduces rinse
effi ciency or may cause a water leak.
Depending on the detergent brand, detergent may not dissolve
completely if the water pressure is low or the water is too cold.
When using softeners or bleaches, follow the instructions on the
Detergent remained in drain route may be caused by quality of water
or type of detergent. In case of repeatedly using under this condition, it
may cause washer trouble.

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