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Care And Maintenance - Hitachi SF-P90XA Operating & Installation Instructions Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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the water
supply inlet
of softener
Care and
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Care and Maintenance

1. Close the tap.
2. Disconnect the water supply hose from the top of the washing
machine. (Water in the hose may be drained when you disconnect
the hose.)
3. Use a brush or something to clean the water supply inlet of the
washing machine.
4. Reverse the procedure to replace the water supply hose.
Softener inlet
If there is a softener remaining in the softener inlet, wash away with
water. Rub with toothbrush if necessary.
If the softener congealed in the dispenser, pour warm water (about
40°C) into it and dissolve the softener.
Clean the machine body.
Wipe the outside of the washing machine with a soft cloth. Do not use
solvents such as alcohol or benzine.
If you use a chemically treated cloth, use it according to the instructions
for the product.
If detergent or softener gets on the washing machine, quickly wipe it
off. The surface could be damaged.

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